Which photo is yours? - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Which photo is yours?

There are photos, which direct history after their creation and etch even the deepest notes in people's memories. We mostly read about the Civil War in Spain with the moment a soldier gets shot, or, the terror of the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagazaki with wounded faces…

The moment of execution in the streets of Vietnam, or, the children, including a naked girl with burnt clothes, fleeing from a village that got hit with a napalm bomb….

The black guy drinking water from a dirty tap placed for him next to a more luxurious sink that is banned from him, since it belongs to the white people…

That student standing in front of the tanks in the Tiananmen Square; the vulture waiting above the kids who are dying in Sudan…

The mother and son who died due to breathing poisoned gas in Halabja, or, the momentary display of the torture in the Abu Ghraib Prison…

Some of them had serious contribution to the change in history and making things right.

However, those pictures didn't always tell the truth.

The attempt to demonize Saddam with the picture of a black cormorant covered in petrol, which was used to open the way to Iraq's invasion, was propaganda material. Similar to how the picture of American soldiers, who were raising their flag on the Iwo Jima Island during World War II, was fiction. How many trillions of dollars were used up or changed hands with the first picture, and how much more will change hands… we are still inside it; we are living it, learning and will continue learning… It's being said that the US sold 26 billion dollars' worth of bonds in order to finance the war in the second picture; which is still a resource that is worth trillions of dollars today.

We can give hundreds of examples like this. There must be dozens of general but private pictures in your minds.

The picture of little Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed ashore the other day, has already taken its place in this sad archive.

Everyone was wounded with that picture. What got me were his shoes, I don't know why.

It was like the punctured shoes of Hrant Dink as he laid face down after he was murdered. That picture had also taken its place in our sad collection eight years ago.

The pictures that change the history, the pictures that twist the history and the pictures that only hurt us…

I don't know which one of these will be Aylan's picture?

Will it be conducive towards something to change by focusing on the reality of immigrants, who smothered in trucks, died in toppled cars, fell prey to the sea and oceans?

Or will it stay as one of the little heartbreaks of the weak memories of people who share that picture and commenting whatever they like under it? Like it happened in Soma, Ermenek, earthquakes, Özgecan who was raped and killed, women who were beaten up and killed by their ex-husbands, the people who were slaughtered in Suruç, Muharrem who died in Gürpınar and whose body was carried in a saddlebag on his father's back, Münevver who was chopped with a saw, or Pamir who drowned in the swimming pool.

You even remember about some of them while you are reading this, right?

Similar to how I couldn't array all of them and had to search the internet…

If the first one goes like this, it's really difficult. What will happen to us is we will forget about Aylan in a short time. All that's left is to take the Middle East back to the stone age over a picture of a black cormorant, while making trillions or the option of managing to sell war bonds with fictional pictures; in other words, to “twist history with photos”.

They have already taken their places in the scene.

Oscar Wilde was a great writer.

Victor Hugo's novels were among the best.

Garibaldi was a good soldier, Darwin was an effective scientist, Gladstone was an effective speaker and a cunning politician.

They have joined forces in order to tell the story of the “Bulgarian Massacre” in a reverse order and they were successful at it.

Now, we are watching as people like Ertuğrul Özkök and Ahmet Hakan, who cannot stop themselves from being fascinated by the lust of the power of words of letters and words they possess from the same picture and who are even more cunning than Gladstone.

A terrible out-of-time choir, who are unaware that they've been turned into clowns after failing to cover their wrinkled old and ugly faces with exaggerated makeup, and lost their old voices and modes, is singing new and made up military cadences and wonder what kind of booty they are after…

They are attracting the spotlights, however, in the dim light the terrorist organization is slaughtering the policemen, whom they summoned with a fake call for help. Only in the past 8 months, forty thousand immigrants were gathered from the seas by Turkish Coast Guards. The opposition is initiating a weird attempt in order to prevent the government, which they didn't send any members to, from becoming official.

They are reflecting the corpse of a child on the beach as the background of the choir, and they are constantly shouting out loud in order to prevent all this infamy from becoming public.

It's still not working. We are forced to watch this sad comedy.

What Karl Marx, who takes the side of the Turks in the Bulgarian matter, said is happening;

“All great world events happen twice, once as a tragedy secondly as a farce…”


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