Which side of the medallion? - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Which side of the medallion?

As the attempt to designate the direction of the politics, a new and rough phase, and the decision to take action with the coalition in the Syria matter are mobilized simultaneously, we are receiving thousands of news, flash news and comments.

We are actually at a threshold in all of them.

The dilemma over whether we will exceed the threshold or not is preserving its “are we going to do something new?" uncertainty.

Each one of our problems has two aspects; like the two sides of a medallion.

Even though it looks similar from the outside, both sides of the medallion are different.

In a couple of days, we will find out which side of the medallion we'll see in politics. Will we wait at the threshold or exceed it? We'll find out.

On Monday at 6 PM, Prime Minister Davutoğlu and CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu will have a meeting, and our condition on the above matter will be revealed.

What will be the outcome of the negotiation? Coalition or early elections?

I don't think that there will be any outcome from the negotiations with MHP. All of MHP Chairman Bahçeli's wavy-looking statements shown us that they will not be participating in a coalition in this period.

If you ask me whether a coalition with CHP is possible or not, my answer will be; “quite difficult".

Despite both parties' good intentions and approaches like “if it can be established, then how?" “Where can I become flexible to contribute towards this", difficult points, which are not possible to be reconciled, already became evident.

For example, the “secular foreign policy" identification that we got familiar from CHP Deputy Chairman Murat Özçelik's, who was also a Special Delegate in Iraq during AK Party governments…. This conceptualization by the name, who should know that interests are in the forefront in foreign policies rather than ideologies, is keeping CHP and AK Part apart from each other. It's clear that Syria is in the center of this argument. CHP, being the most important spokesmen of the Alevi segment in Turkey, is showing us the aspects this argument reached/will reach.

Besides, CHP's persistent objections to the 4-year education system regulation of the Ministry of Education, knowing that their objections will not be accepted, is lowering the coalition option. Rather than individual clauses, the existence reasons of these two parties and the communal structures they are leaning on, are giving us the feeling that they actually have histo-incompatibility on almost all matters.

This structural polarity is possibly felt even more intensely in the internal mechanisms and bases of these parties.

Still, since the sides are focused on “on what points are we reaching consent", the trajectory is not that bad.

The actual factor, which will be effective for deciding on the “coalition or election" possibility on Monday night, will be the two leaders' impressions related with how durable and long lasting the possible partnership will be.

Today, the only thing that could be said on this matter is that the coalition option is quite difficult if not impossible.

In the process we are experiencing, another important matter that concerns us is the calescent atmosphere in the war against terror.

The struggle, which is ongoing with air raids and taking some into custody, is being replied by ambushes and traps of PKK.

Meanwhile, HDP Co-Chairman Demirtaş's hasty trip to Europe, Öcalan's statements, which were leaked to the media, and the interviews with Qandil are presenting a disconnected image.

After; the disappearance of the exaggerated tolerance, perception and media support shown in the international field during the Kobani attacks; showing no response to operations, other than treacherous attacks; a survey company named Sonar, which they should take seriously, announced that HDP regressed back to threshold levels; it seems that all these had put PKK and their components in a difficult position.

PKK's decision will be decisive in which side of the medallion we will see in the war against terror.

Ankara is not willing to stop unless the statement related with laying down arms and giving up on armed struggle is announced.

Thus, until this “statement" is made, there is no meaning in words or threats.

Whether that statement will be made or not, we'll see.

However, Turkey is progressing consistently and cautiously in domestic politics, foreign policies and war against terror.

On the other hand, many unconscious comments, news are brought forward as PKK is being treated as the armed unit of Erdoğan hostility. As if PKK came into existence during Erdoğan's period.

In the forthcoming period, we will be obliged to witness more examples and write articles over the intentional bloody games' sides and unintentional carelessness.

Still, with all my good intentions, I'm preserving my hopes on PKK to accept that terror is a method that does not benefit anyone.

I hope it happens that way.

That day, we won't even have to throw everything said/done by the people, who are speaking nonsense, to their faces.

Either they will realize it themselves or they will give up like the organization they are pursuing.


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