Why should we kill the Kurds? - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Why should we kill the Kurds?

Because you won’t know this; there some Kurds who have tails. For real!

Those Kurds are from mountains and you might not know that either. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they crowd the cities. They do that on purpose. Don’t even mention the surge in their population! They will exceed the Turkish nation in terms of population in three to five years or three to five centuries.

Moreover, have these Kurds established a state in this history before? They cannot! But look at how many states the Turks have established.

Kurds are not trustworthy. They will sell you out immediately. They are frauds, liars and cheaters. Also, they are dirty… But the Turks are different. Even in wars, they were, are and will be honored with the praises of their enemies.


You must have heard that nothing good grows on the ground which Turks step on.

It is obvious that the Turks are cruel butchers. They are good for nothing besides guns, hanging and butchering. They only ride on horses and plunder places.

Has the earth ever seen anything worse than their Mongolian and the Hun relatives?

They are proud of establishing states but they have destroyed more than they have established. Taking the latest course of events into consideration the next step is to destroy.

 Look how many wars the Turks have lost during the past centuries…

They are merciless and brutal. Their history is filled with massacres. Look at their achievements in history. Are they their own achievements? I do not think you will find a thing.

But the Kurds are superior, for example. They are brave, keep their promises and are ten times more superior than the Turks.

They are fearless. Brave. Humble. Handsome. Sensitive. Faithful. 

Who? It does not matter who comes to mind. It is enough for me that you accept these qualities for one of them…

Moreover their languages are not similar. You can say their religions are similar. But I will tell you a secret. The Kurds are mostly Shafii. Is it possible to consider Shafii and Hanafi as the same thing? It is not. Do not believe those who say it is. A few people will come forward soon to give a fatwa (speech) saying they are not the same, don’t worry.

Plus, there is the context.

The Turks are slightly Shamanist. And the Kurds have always been familiar with all those nonsense beliefs.

Additionally, excuse me, but they are a bit foolish. That said, both were deemed as unperceptive in history, but it is not the right time to make parallels between them now…

They say that there are more than one million Turkish-Kurdish marriages. You must be kidding me… Get over it. What is marriage after all? People are racing to get divorced in the country. What will happen to children? It is up to them; they will pick up a side eventually. Primarily Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, what would it change if they were everywhere? I am asking you: what would it change?

I cannot hear you… I am in a tunnel, I guess I am losing the connection…

After all this segregation, don’t start with Manzikert, the Gallipoli Campaign, the Independence War, the situation in Lausanne, religious fellowship, sharing the same destiny or history.

While it is not allowed to even bury them in the same graveyard as in the latest example, don’t start with these.

Instead, ponder about the matter mentioned above. The Turks must think about why they should kill the Kurds while the Kurds must think about why they should kill the Turks.

Fortunately, the world’s history is full of distinguished books of people who beat their brains on this matter. Besides, thanks to the Internet and social media, we have precious friends from both sides who provide us with them in their most aesthetic ways. 

When one thinks, one will find a justification. When they are able to justify, they believe. When they believe, the opportunity arises. When the opportunity arises, it is shameful not to score a goal.

You had better obtain a gun already.

If not, clean and sharpen the knives, adzes and pickaxes at home.

We are not going to import machetes from China like those in Rwanda. Thank God we have our own knives, wedges and axes.

You might think this piece is about racism and ultra-nationalism. However, this is about a map, a ruler, money and interest, a few pipes along with a lot of paraffin, naphthene, hydrocarbon, phenol, tar, asphalt and guns.


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