Will those who manage perception always win? - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

Will those who manage perception always win?

When you calmly think about our experiences, you can realize how explicit everything really is. Or when everything is evaluated 20 years later, it will be interpreted clearly.

Yet, the current experiences, interpretations, statements and the media's attitude are confusing minds.

No one has doubts about the Eruh attack that happened in 1984. Or, there aren't different views on the slaughtering of 33 of our soldiers in 1993. People share the same views on the current Dağlıca and Çukurca gendarmerie station attacks.

Then, how has PKK suddenly stopped being identified as a terrorist organization?

Suddenly, their killing many people with their disreputable ambush strategies is ignored and disputable.

Killing a major next to his family and a police officer in front of his daughter doesn't seem atrocious or even something to bear in mind. First, PKK's history, objectives and bloody attacks are deleted, and now, they are trying to be portrayed as a formation with a different attitude and purpose.

After the Dağlıca attack, I had written that Qandil had dysfunctioned Öcalan and the HDP. It would have been a miracle to expect HDP to restore this, and thus it was unsuccessful.

Now, I am curious about whether any of the HDP representatives, being of different backgrounds (rightist, leftist, social democrat, environmentalist, Islamist) will oppose this or not? While we wait, HDP has started to sprint in the track that Qandil put it in. The Leader and a committee, including a minister, have hit the road to Cizre.

From now on, Cizre has symbolic value besides being the PKK's main armory.

The gendarmerie stations, being built in their new form (kalekol) and having unmanned aerial vehicles, have made it difficult to be attacked in a classic way; thus, the organization has focused on its urban organization and this is a critic threshold in this struggle. A clean up has started in its urban structures, towns are thoroughly being checked, and more than an expected amount of armory and militants have been located. This will be harder than anticipated.

Our security forces have a very hard and extended job, since they have to clean out the countless planted mines and trenches in a neighborhood of 25,000 people of a town of 125,000 residents, whilst protecting the civilians from a terrorist organization who uses every form of attack, including rockets.

It has obviously been a disappointment for the PKK, since the well-populated town's locals have obeyed the curfew for nearly a week now. As results are showing, the PKK is trying its last attempts.

Everything can happen; what will happen now.

No one should have the audacity to liken Cizre to Gaza.

This is the last dirt pit perception management can fall into.

Considering Turks similar to Israelis, the army and police to the Zionist regimes powers, and PKK to the Palestinians is a disgraceful lowness on behalf of propaganda.

According to reports about a decade ago, there were more than one million Turkish-Kurdish marriages. The number of inter marriages must have increased. How many children have a Kurdish and Turkish parent? Every Turk knows a Kurd from; work, military services, or a Turkish coffee house. Every Turk has a close friend, relative or neighbor that is Kurdish. And it is the same for every Kurd.

Considering half a nation that has lived together and fought together to be an invading occupant, who has been forcibly taking the citizen rights from the indigenous and keeping them in the unsavory life of a camp, can only be a shameless propaganda war. Battling the armed phase of counter terrorism will obviously take long.

During this stage, perception management will continue at full speed to make the battle with the armed wing more effective.

The PKK and its components have enough supporters in this respect. They will try to make the most of pictures that were taken in other countries, yet touched up as if they were taken in Cizre, will continue to identify Cizre to Gaza, and will protest in support of the cornered terrorists.

The international media is at their services, and they have a substantial number of media organizations supporting them internally.

Let's wait and see if those who manage perception are the winners.

Will those capable of managing perception, be successful enough to turn the truth upside down? Or will; “Power is being gained by using guns” or as they used to say it in the old days, “Difficulty will spoil the game” prove to be right?

Will this nation, with its Turks and Kurds, take this bait?

We will see, starting from Cizre.


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