World Syrian Day - YAŞAR TAŞKIN KOÇ

World Syrian Day

The United Nations will acknowledge March 15 as World Syrians Day.


Probably about 50 years from now...

Just like when the UN acknowledged 120 years later the killing by police (who wanted to stop the strikes) of 129 female workers from among the 40,000 who were striking in 1857... World Syrians Day will only come to mind about 50 years later.

Then another Clara Zetkin will immortalize the grief of millions of Syrians, their deaths, exiles, starvation, drowning in sea, suffocating in nylon tents in deserts, dying in an unforgotten corner, being pushed around in modern Western cities, and even being raped. They will immortalize all the tragedies that should not be happening to man in the 21st century.

Those who live to see that official, globalized day will buy each other scarves made with Syrian motifs, yet they will be made in China and Taiwan because of cheap labor. Cheap, affordable presents for everyone...

Those who have the money will of course buy antiques and vintage; those who do not have the cash will buy replicas.

Just as Zetkin and close friend Rosa Luxemburg did not forecast that their initiative would serve capitalism, the memories of marble pillars with real anecdotes will be useless too.

Zetkin could not have imagined International Women's Day to come out of her having a heart attack after being beaten and shot by a lake in Moscow or Luxemburg.

Aren't we lucky that we can foresee all of this?

We can make the simulation of the agonies the world has suffered and will continue to suffer.

We can do this, even if it is a fake, cheap Syrian hand towel made in Thailand.

The discovery of Syrian artists, one of them winning the Nobel Prize, and fashion in Damascus... all of them will be witnessed soon.

That day a special session will take place at the United Nations.

All this oddness, exchanging all this reality for a handful of fuss and feathers will be produced again and again for every new generation.

While underlining the above, I would have to add that books and films would be produced for this purpose too.

While femicide increases and takes no break on March 8, Syrians will continue to live in misery on World Syrians Day.

Which Syrian's turn is it now?

Who has won the lottery this time?

Why will the UN wait so long?

Who knows?

Perhaps 50 years from now, because oil and natural gas have lost value as needs and their use are rapidly ceasing.

Or else inner conscience is an alarm that would not wait 50 seconds, let alone five years. Conscience is something that is felt without giving the chance to any thought.

But are oil and natural gas the same?

It has many tricks including production, taking hold of production, consumption, value, market and stock market.

Many creations including dinosaurs have decayed and turned into this greasy sloshy thing.

It has roads, lines and pipes...

And of course a lifespan.

Conscience does not have a lifespan, but oil and natural gas do.

Let us see what happens once it is finished, pushed aside, thrown into the bin and no longer of any value. It is then that World Syrians Day will be declared.

We will declare Universal Syrians Day if that is what you want. We will reflect the silhouette of a sad Syrian child in the night of every country. As long as that day comes... As long as oil, natural gas and all its variations get out of our lives.

The rest is easy...


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