Are those, who gave life to ISIL, trying to kill it now? - YASIN AKTAY

Are those, who gave life to ISIL, trying to kill it now?

The activity, which had started rapidly after Obama"s declaration of war against terror on the eve of the 13th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, is pointing at the fact that a long-term war will take place in our region. By forming a composed coalition from the countries in the region, the USA is putting together the planning of a struggle against ISIL, which is assumed to be long-term. The USA had made visits to Turkey and the regional countries, first with the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and later with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, John Kerry.

During these visits, it"s expected that Turkey will join this coalition with all its power and support. However, with the USA declaring in the beginning that they won"t be stepping on the land, their intention, which is related to the USA"s expectation from regional countries and Turkey, is presenting the nature and extent of this war. All the meetings and especially the traffic directed at Turkey resemble the contacts made before the invasion of Iraq in 2003. But this time, the task is a bit different. The campaign against Saddam was dubious, and by using the evidences as an excuse, which had become definite that all were fakes, the road was being paved for Iraq"s invasion. However, no one has a doubt that ISIL is a dangerous and harmful terrorist organization. Without a doubt, Turkey is the country, which had been harmed by ISIL"s existence and activities in the first rank. Due to that reason, before anything else, getting rid of the ISIL calamity is Turkey"s desire. However, the trustworthiness of the coalition, which mobilized to get rid of this calamity, and its desire to get rid of this problem are not that clear. Are they trying to end ISIL or trying to conduct other plans via ISIL? ISIL"s video shows were inviting who and to what?

First of all, in order get rid of ISIL, principally you"ve got to know them inside out, and analyze the conditions that gave birth to this organization. As for the fixation of this, there are no approaches from either the USA or the countries that the USA has invited to the coalition. We had mentioned this before also. Before everything else, ISIL is a result presented by Assad"s existence in Syria, which had transformed into a terror and plot organization. The international humanism, which Assad, who has been slaughtering more than two hundred thousand of his citizens for the past three and a half years in catastrophic ways, had failed to mobilize, is becoming mobilized swiftly after the murders in ISIL"s video showed the real significance. There is no doubt that ISIL is creating an extremely dangerous threat and danger for Turkey. But what is ISIL? Won"t the war against ISIL be regarded as throwing punches into the darkness, when we still haven"t found an answer for that question? Of course, the worse possibility will be the attempts of placing us in ISIL"s taxi and turn us into the primary target of the inconsistency in the region, which will continue for a long time. As long as the coup-minded administration of Egypt, and the organizations, which are the extensions of Assad and Maliki, exist in the region, the infrastructures of structures like ISIL will never collapse. If one ISIL ends, then another ISIL will come up. There are also Gulf countries involved in the coalition that the USA is trying to establish. But after all, it''s those Gulf countries that are primarily responsible for the political conditions, which gave birth to ISIL. Besides, the USA and European countries have no objection against the politics those Gulf Countries conduct, especially in Egypt. Let us ask a simple question here, if you"d like. Did the number of people killed by ISIL in Iraq exceed the number of Egyptian protestors killed on the 14th of August 2013 at Rabia Square in a single day? The ones", who had shown no reaction to inhuman incident in Egypt or Assad"s slaughters, falling for ISIL"s provocations with a great mobilization in the present time, is not an avoidable question.

Turkey is trying to analyze the ISIL calamity ideally and presenting its own theses about healthy precautions that can be taken against ISIL. Because of this reason, Turkey is approaching this coalition, which is being formed hastily and surreptitiously, with caution. Look at the fact that CHP Chairman Kiliçdaroglu is presenting a "positive opposition" approach, which he had never shown against the government until now, on the matter of joining the coalition against ISIL. He says that if there will be a war against ISIL; we are ready to support it. I wonder, what is the reason for this tear-inducing announcement?

Do you really know the identity of ISIL?

Certainly, a struggle against ISIL is necessary, but if this struggle also requires coming face to face with Assad even more, will Kiliçdaroglu continue his support?

This is another question, which we will be waiting curiously for its answer.


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