Baku sends 'loud and clear' message to whole world after Karabakh war

YASIN AKTAY,  Sunday 11:45, 13 December 2020

Azerbaijan’s victory against Armenia after a 44-day war was presented to the world through intense ceremonies that spoke volumes with the attendance of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

This victory was Turkey’s victory as much as Azerbaijan’s, because as everyone knows, the military, technical and technological support given under Turkish President Erdoğan’s leadership were absolute determinants of this war’s trajectory. The fact that it all started with the Armenian side’s aggression both reinforced this victory’s value, meaning and legitimacy, and added to its glory.

The process known and recognized by the whole world as an “occupation” for the last three decades which led to the finalization of Armenia’s last aggression, gave Azerbaijan all sorts of moral superiority in this war.

As underlined by President Erdoğan during the ceremonies, though the whole world recognizes Armenia’s aggression and occupation, nobody made any attempt to end this invasion. Despite countries stating their opinions in international conflicts, it could perhaps be ascertained that they did not want to intervene and be involved in the hot conflict. This is one of the likely reasons that numerous international conflicts continue in such a manner.

As a matter of fact, the MINSK group was established by extremely powerful countries with the mission to resolve the Karabakh dispute. This group’s objective projected the resolution of problems without a new war. However, it became apparent over time that despite officially accepting that this situation is an “occupation,” this group never made any effort to end the invasion. On the contrary, the group’s whole mission was, in fact, nothing other than to activate the existing occupation in time, and distract Azerbaijan from conducting a physical incursion against Armenia.

While one factor leading the MINSK group, and especially its co-leaders (U.S., France, and Russia) to do this is explained with the presence of the powerful Armenian diaspora in each country, it was obvious that the real reason runs much deeper. In other words, these countries were openly supporting the Armenian occupation, and were never genuinely engaging in dialogue. Thus, when push came to shove and Azerbaijan stepped up, France in particular was observed to present a more “invader” attitude concerning this matter than even Armenia. As a country that passed a bill in its own parliament recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh’s independence, France thus revealed not only its own position but also the intention and function of the entire MINSK group.

All that happened eventually led to the greater good; they fell into their own traps and tricks, and fared worse. Azerbaijan used its own means, of course with only Turkey’s support, and repelled Armenia, which was in the middle of a new attack, from Karabakh, hence liberating it after three decades of occupation. Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President İlham Aliyev gave the following message loud and clear to the whole world through the ceremonies held in Baku:

Unfortunately, it is not enough to be right in the current world order; you need to be mighty as well. The criticism Erdoğan has been directing to the existing world order for years by stating that the world is bigger than five has actualized. Erdoğan has thus revealed de facto that justice cannot be expected from the current world order. You do not demand rights from this world order, you take it.

Turkey does not leave the rights in Azerbaijan, Syria, Libya, and the East Mediterranean to the mercy of the powerful and unjust, who have grand statements to say; it accumulates the power it needs to claim its rights where necessary. The spectacular performances demonstrated by the armed UAVs, Kirpis (“Hedgehogs,” heavy armored troop carriers), Turkish canons, and all products of the defense industry, were only showing the power of justice.

The order Erdoğan suggests and started to establish in the region as a result of this victory is very far from a vindictive and vengeful arrogance or reluctance seeking to destroy its enemy by crushing it. Armenia being invited to the regional cooperation platform to be established particularly with the participation of Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and Georgia, is a move that should be followed carefully and with appreciation in the name of global peace and human values.

It is extremely important to be able to say, “We have no problem with Armenians; we hold no grudge against them or harbor any hostility,” despite having recently gotten out of a war with them. This message needs to be heard loud and clear, and understood not only by Armenians but by the whole world.

European states and the U.S., which have carried on holding grudges and blood feuds from centuries back to the present, trying to reopen old wounds, also need to open their ears wide. What they are doing is nothing other than further exacerbating the grudges, the hostility, and animosity between people, and creating unsolvable problems.

The helping hand that Turkey extended at a time of superiority, the messages it is giving, and the values it upholds; these are the signs of a concrete future offered by Turkey, a country that objects to a world limited to five superpowers, for the more just world of tomorrow.

This was clearly shown in Baku to those who do not understand.

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