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From antisemitism to Erdoğanphobia

It is cannot be disregarded that debates all of a sudden turned into a matter of anti-Semitism by means of the Soma accident and from there on it became an anti-Erdogan campaign.

At first, it all must have stirred up from the rumor that Prime Minister Erdogan cried to someone at Soma as "the sperm of Israel". It seems that this debate was made up from the projection of an ambiguous voice recording, which was chosen during a noisy moment and crowded environment, which showed such a thing and was ascribed to the Prime Minister.

However, a clarification was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Prime Minister has never uttered any such words, and thus it was denied and that a completely different word was dictated to be as such in a noisy environment was assessed as the result of a malevolent campaign.

Ascribing the label "anti-Semitism" to Erdogan who considers it a type of racism, which considers any ethnicity or religion as the object of fear and hate is easily understandable from the nature of our medium. It is quite comprehensible as to who went into action to what direction with what kind of informant motivation through the spread of this news in such a way.

There is one thing that these informants must know that if anti-Semitism is not given any credit or such an accusation is avoided, it is not because we are fearful of such sources nor have any hesitations, but it"s because of our concerns and sensitivity regarding our faith. Let them continue to report these sources of the things the way they are pleased. We have the good enough amount of Islamic faith not to fall in the trap of racist deviance.

What is cursed in Islam as racism is also cursed when it is against the Semitic race or the Kurdish race or Gypsies etc. We do not need to be intimidated by anyone"s condemnation in order to develop or maintain our sensitivity on this issue.

In this context, perhaps the other reason why this was brought up was because the Vakit newspaper gave the headlines claiming that the owner of the company in the Soma mine had a Jewish groom. There is no way to approve such a headline. This is a crime of hate against Jews. That a crime committed by a certain person is ascribed to a certain human race or religion is what Muslims suffer the most in the case of Islamophobia in the world today.

However, showing the headlines in Vakit as a proof to argue that AKP or Erdogan has committed an anti-Semitic crime is simply a black propaganda and its intent is clear. The Vakit newspaper is not the press agency of AKP, how can AKP or Erdogan can be taken responsible for that?

The article by Murat Yetkin that was published both in Radikal and Hürriyet Daily news in English is an interesting case to show how to make a story of anti-Semitism by linking irrelevant data.

Seeing that how he linked a reply of mine, which was totally irrelevant with anti-Semitism by subject through connecting the above-mentioned events to one another, the whole picture of its fiction becomes crystal-clearly.

On A Haber, to the question of Murat Akgüt regarding the course of the investigation on the causes of the Soma accident, I answered that it is within the boundaries of every kind of possibility.

"If such a huge scale accident occurs in a mine where it is alleged to be completely cautious, of course one may focus on the possibility of sabotage. I am not doing so because I have no such information but it is not far-fetching to think so." This basically means saying nothing at the face of events.

Yetkin seems to have concluded that there is a Jewish finger on the issue even from a cautious statement as such. Using this implication, he put me below the headlines and from there in the anti-Semitism campaign.

Such an easy thing to accuse someone of anti-Semitism, I guess? Indeed, it is so easy. As is seen in many cases, the radar of anti-Semitism is so sensitive and it is easily offended. Hence, this grants an amazing protection to Israel.

A kind of protection that has never been granted to any other religion or a race is realized in this way. Thanks to the fact that Israel is overwhelming on the global media even when it acts most illegally, aggressively and unfairly the most noticeably, it is able to represent convicts as criminals whom it unfairly slaughtered and expelled from their own land. Even these criticisms may be caught with the anti-Semitism radar which are located on the media and political sphere in every place in the world.

There is no reason to oppose this mindset by claiming, "by this logic, you are considered to be a Muslim-hater if you criticize the action of a Muslim." This logic was refuted a long time ago not by the laws of logic but by the fusses of these very networks.

Is Yetkin seriously making a remark when he argues that he might be accused of being an Israeli agent by the AKP supporters or pro-governmental media sources simply by bringing up today what Erdogan said in 2005 "anti-Semitism is deviance" ?

By his engagement as such, does he even realize what kind of a categorical cliché (or racism if you like) he produces regarding the whole AKP community? Let us not take this discussion any further and close the door to possible questions: Erdogan today says even more strongly than in the past that what the pathetic thing is not the criticism of Israel and Zionism but anti-Semitism. However, assuming that he would not say this, then he who must be cured of Erdoganphobia.


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