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The PKK Problem of Kurds

The people, who are trying to put a bug in PKK"s ear during the resolution process and trying to provoke a quarrel when their attempts are not enough, should be well happy and hopeful nowadays. They might be sensing that the resolution process might end for good. At least, PKK"s armed forces show them enough deceitfulness, which our government would never manage to show.

The patient attitude shown by the state, for the sake of staying loyal to the resolution process, is being exploited by the terrorist organization. And the terrorist organization acknowledges this patience shown by the government as a permission for the practices for their feudalism.

They are intercepting roads in broad day light, making ID checks, kidnapping people. By doing so, as Yalçin Akdogan mentioned in his article, PKK is not intercepting the state"s road, they are intercepting the resolution process" road.

Not only that, as if they are resurrecting the unsolved murders era special to the nineties, PKK is kidnapping and killing the personnel of different political groups like the Free Cause Party, or Hüda-Par. While a cease fire was expected, they are strengthening their mountain personnel by kidnapping/recruiting thousands of kids since the beginning of the resolution process.

It"s not possible for the state or the government to be patient over this acts for too long.

While some people are repeating unashamedly that the state still hasn"t taken a step during the resolution process, they are trying to slip the fact that the determiner step in this process is the laying down of arms for good, out of notice.

Nevertheless, the inaction of the army, which haven"t performed any security operations since the beginning of the resolution process, being evaluated as an opportunity to create a field domination is extremely dangerous.

Dangerous, because these are moves that tries to provoke and after one point forces a military intervention.

It"s even useless to say that these moves have no relation with the Kurdish problem. All the statist expressions and policies that gave birth to the Kurdish problem have been revised until now. It"s a thesis that, this revision is achieved because of PKK"s armed terror, by means of oppressing the state with violence and terror, and also PKK and BDP are constantly active at the region. In this way, they are trying to have the Kurds indebted to them. Although, everybody knows that in Turkey before AK Party, the state was being suffocated by the bloodshed was out of the question. The war with PKK could have continued forever, because PKK"s armed terror helped maintain that state understanding with more trust and more benefits. Therefore, the source of Kurd"s gains is never PKK. On the contrary AK Party"s approach, which changed this understanding and replaced it with humane and equal citizenship understanding, had also resolved the Kurdish problem.

Nowadays, the Kurdish problem in Turkey is resolved but the clear PKK problem for the Kurd"s is still standing in view.

As a precondition of the resolution process, PKK are in the process of ceasing fire and withdrawal. But as they can predict that this mean the end of their existence as a terrorist organization, they persist on not laying down their arms.

Actually, PKK is not investing on a political struggle or competition where the weapons are excluded. They cannot take this risk. As a matter of fact, if they take this risk maybe this will be a unique and successful path for them. But in a way, they don"t take risks and don"t discard the weapons, which is guaranteed and always provides them unfair and uncompetitive advantages.

While the state is taking all the unfair propaganda advantage off PKK"s hands with their patience, on the other hand PKK keeps on forcing the limits of this patience. There is no meaning behind such moves of PKK, other than calling it an invitation to end the resolution process.

Also, both PKK and BDP continues to be cautious against saying anything against the resolution process. Because between all this, there is a Kurdish public opinion which they cannot disregard. They are facing an opposition which has never been encountered.

Nowadays they are being forced to face the fact that the kids they have taken up the hills, either by tricks or with their own consent, have families as well. One way or another, this resolution process proved to people that an alternative politics is possible.

Whatever propaganda PKK makes, they cannot make people believe in the legitimacy of the armed struggle or that this brings advantages to the Kurds by using the claims of Kurds being victims and oppressed.

Today, the parents are revolting at PKK. They are screaming at PKK that their Kurdish children are not PKK"s property and PKK cannot play with these children"s lives for the sake of their own power greed.

While the parents are doing this, BDP/HDP"s nonchalance towards these events is not being disregarded.

Will this party be ever able to erase the irresponsibility and apathy performed during this process with a change of name in the future?

Let"s see…


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