Turkey has democracy

Turkey has gone through with a very important referendum which was a milestone in the history of democracy. While I was writing this article, the result had not yet been concluded and the atmosphere was very competitive. Towards the end of the count, the result came out to about 52 percent for the "yes" vote, meaning that the Turkish nation has approved of a change in its system. This result will give us a lot of data to evaluate, from the language of the campaigns to the positive and negative contributions that the sides had on the campaigns. A lot can be said about sociological development and its change and course when the data is evaluated, but the most important thing to say is; the decision is the decision of the people, the decision was made through democracy and democracy is the winner in Turkey. It should be understood that both sides put their theses and claims forward in a democratic environment and the "yes" front was the winner. This result should ensure that no one has any worries or anxieties as Turkish democracy has won and is now stronger.

7 yıl önce
Turkey has democracy
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