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Who gives the "fatwa" for whom

I have been following up with Mümtazer Türköne"s article series on Hayrettin Karaman with a quite sad and sorry state. I felt sorry because a man with such experience in literature, political sciences simply turned into a machine gun for the sake of a character murder feeding on an emotional ground.

Türköne in the gist of all his articles describes Hayrettin Karaman as a clergy who legitimizes the political authority. He reduced Karaman to an "authority clergy".

First let us put this clearly. Türköne"s articles have no analytic value. It is quite likely that he is doing all this because he is simply angry and furious. It is most possibly because the tips he obtained from certain places actually failed him on the prospects of the government"s overthrow plan as such: in December 17 if not then 25 and if not then at latest in March 30. For a long time, his articles have been reflecting this rage for being misled or misguided. However, instead of projecting his rage against his deviators he reflect it to the government exposed to this coup attack and was not overthrown. Again, it is quite obvious that Türköne did not anticipate that the government was not going to be overthrown in March 30. He participated in the strategically planned act for overthrowing the government. Imagine a political scientist who has devoted his years to the struggle against coups and find him at a diametrically opposite position. What can you do other than feeling sorry about it?

This master, foaming at the mouth, puts all his political, history knowledge to the service of his political collaborators. He attacks the most respectful names in his opposite side in the name of them and in his own name. But unfortunately he is attacking an esteemed specialist: Professor Hayrettin Karaman.

Prof. Karaman has a precious place in the heart of the religious Turkey. Just as Ahmet Yaman stated in his column on Daily Star"s Open View, Hayrettin Karaman is not just a name. He has never been a person who directed the interest of authority to establish parallel states. He is not a person who condescends to a political will, as his mere concern is knowledge.

Karaman has never strived to plant any man into the police, the intelligence or army or any critical institution in the state with a future expectation.

Evidently, it is true that Karaman has the general sympathy and concern for Prime Minister. I don"t know to what extent Prime Minister would pay attention to Karaman for his status or listen to him or take him into consideration but if he does so, it just proves Prime Minister"s wide horizon.

Karaman has been writing as a columnist on Yeni Safak and comments on the developments and expresses his own opinions in his own way. Therefore, he also opens himself to every kind of criticism. He has never sought refuge in the hocaefendi (Fethullah Gülen) nickname which grants a kind of mystic authority immunity. There were times when I criticized him and he responded to my criticism from a similar level.

Karaman"s such character puts forward a sui generis scholar. I have never held back from saying this. Personally, I never take any word taken for granted except that of God and his messenger. As for Karaman, he is one of the most interesting scholars whose opinions I would like to confer on certain issues.

Years ago, I came across his book "Political Thought in Modern Turkey: Islamism". I wrote an article on this, which I called "the authority sources of Turkish Islamism". The relationship between Karaman and Turkey"s Islamist sensitivity or sociability is very sound and authentic.

Türköne declares Karaman as the authority-clergy and implies him as a provider of religion to the political aims of the government. He does not make any analysis at this point. He is simply slandering, insulting and through his long sarcastic article, merely commits to a character murder. Thus, Türköne"s words on Karaman on this level has no worth. However, Karaman"s words or future words or silence on Türköne may reveal great importance.

Before Prof. Karaman saying a word, I would like to ask Mr. Türköne accusing Karaman of political clergy as to whose name he is running the clergy office for by doing all this? To pour such great amount of political science terms, jargons in order to use it as a machine gun for the "service" of some community – where does this emotionally driving motivation come from?

In fact, everybody knows the answer of this question today.

I wonder to what extent someone can be estranged from his own society that he would call the most money based political movement through the history of Turkish Republic as civil Islam and the remaining religious communities as official Islam. This kind of estrangement only comes through a purchase order.

This criticism also applies to his columnist colleague Ali Bulaç. Did he not use all his knowledge and experience in Sociology and Islamism in order to realize the same goal? Is this a kind of voluntary work? Either you really believe in it or ideology blinds your eyes thus you cannot see anything or you simply run an office.

If the issue is with your eye and catching a correct sight, let me show it: The movement which you call civil Islam has committed to a coup in a scale much larger than the what the arm forces would be inclined to do so. Just like in all the previously failed coup attempts, this attack was judged first in the public conscience and subsequently it goes through a legal trial.

What kind of a civil community would plant his own men in a hierarchically organized way into the army, police forces, the intelligence, judiciary, administration offices and every other state institution. How come is this civil movement? For God"s sake, what is this movement to do with morality education for the new generation? One wonders what would Turkey and Ali Bulaç promised – if the coup were to be successful may God forbid. Would it be enough to act on the clergy or political theorician role? If it is not for the sake of the promises than why pointing at the religious aspect of the failed agents of the coup and talk us into buy it? Isn"t it the most grave exploitation of religion our history has ever recorded?


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