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Heartlessness in the world’s beating heart

They are trying to strike Turkey from its most assertive characterstic, the one through which it shines the brightest on the world stage. They are trying to negate the example of humanism it has been demonstrating in recent years. For the last eight ... more

Will Turkey’s main opposition party, the CHP, change too?

We had said that the results of the last election indicated a change requiring us to review everything we know about the political field.Generations are changing, people are changing, values, discourses, sensitivities, hostilities are changing. As a ... more

On what grounds is the US going to wage a war against Iran?

We witnessed a new development that fueled the recent Iran-U.S. cold war in the Gulf, when Iran downed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) belonging to the U.S. in the Strait of Hormuz. Following this event, an expectation developed especially in Israel... more

An open letter to Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz

I want to address you in this holy month of Ramadan, without any official title, as a poor servant of the two holy cities, Mecca and Medina, of which you are protector. As you know, the guardianship of these holy cities is a noble job. As you know, i... more

What would Trump guided by Sisi bring upon the US?

The constitutional change paving the way for coup-plotter Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, who took hostage his own country and people with armed forces, to physically preside over the Egyptian people until 2030 has been completed with no surprise. In a charade... more

So, what are Syrians supposedly doing in Turkey?

The bloodiest, most ruthless and corrupt international showdown of recent years took place on Syrian territory. The showdown among numerous countries led to a tragedy on Syrian land, which cost Syrians their lives and country.However, those continuin... more

There can be no excuse for Islamophobia

There is no excuse for Islamophobia, xenophobia, or for inciting hate against people.In fact, the phobia in Islamophobia, meaning fear, willingly creates this excuse within the word itself.They fear, therefore they hate.They are afraid, so as a preca... more

Global Islamophobia and fascism-compatible Western democracies

“The global institutionalization of Islamophobia today shows that it is no longer specific to certain regions alone. Islamophobia can present itself in places where Muslims are minorities, where the Muslim presence lives only in memories, where there... more

The election results: They have a lot to learn from Turkey

Though it has been six days since the March 31 local elections, due to appeals to the results in many locations, primarily Istanbul, the results are yet to be finalized. Objections and deciding whether to conduct a recount of the votes or not, if suc... more


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