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The idol US democracy devoured in Venezuela

Right now, the most hypocrite, the most larcenous coup is taking place before the eyes of the entire democratic world. The democratic world is shamelessly supporting this coup attempt by ignoring all its modern values . By the democratic world, we me... more

Tunisia did not let coup attempts trample its revolution

Tunisia is the country where the first of the revolutions dubbed the Arab Spring started in 2011. The date of the revolution is considered as Jan. 14, 2011, the day Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was running the country with an iron fist for 23 years, ... more

Trump is one lonely cowboy in the US

The process started in Syria after Trump declared on Dec. 19 via his Twitter account that he is going to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Syria has revealed the sloppiness, disarrangement and the incoordination between the decision-makers within the count... more

Is Saudi Arabia governing the United States?

Both Republican and Democrat Congress members showed a rare example of collaboration and consensus by attending the commemoration ceremony held for slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi 100 days after his murder at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbu... more

Is the US finally owning-up to its mistake?

It is typical of Trump to announce the most important policies and decisions on Twitter. It is for this very same reason he’s being criticized for destroying the U.S.’s 300-year-old political traditions.This is not the only political tradition he is ... more

Where will the lost unity of the Gulf be found?

The 39th Gulf Cooperation Council meeting was held in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. One of the aims of the meeting was to plan a future focusing on Gulf countries, to remove all barriers in the way of realizing economic unity until 2025 within this ... more

Who will save Yemen from its saviors?

The war that has been going on in Yemen for three years has created one of the most serious humanitarian crisis in the history of the world. The Syrian crisis ongoing next to our borders is another comparable crisis. Out of the country’s 28 million p... more

A fork in the road between the US and Saudi Arabia?

If the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was committed using all the means of the Saudi Arabian government, then those who commissioned it can theoretically be distinguished from the state, regardless of their positions. It could have been possibl... more

Paris is burning!

The protests that started in the suburbs of France and then spread to whole of the country which have now turned into a rebellion has entered its third week. The fact that Paris is under fire cannot be hidden anymore even though the most important th... more

Wherever MBS goes, Jamal Khashoggi’s soul follows him

The G20 summit that took place in Argentina was the first time in two months, since the Khashoggi case, that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) left his country. Of course, if we don’t count his visit to Mohammed bin Zayed, his friend in th... more


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