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Desperate democrats in Turkey are dreaming of a coup

The pro-coup ebullience that rears its head every time we think it has blown over in Turkey made an appearance once again, at a most inconvenient time, saying: “We are not gone, we are still standing tall.”The declaration issued a few nights ago at m... more

Erdogan’s ‘Trust and Stability for Turkey’ Congress

The congresses held by political parties are the best opportunity for them to present their national and international messages to the public regarding the policies they want to implement, and their pledges. The Justice and Development Party (AK Part... more

Rotten theories about Turkey running amok in the Arab world

It may be new to the social media scene, but after spreading like wildfire following its launch, Clubhouse is now a serious meeting and discussion platform. It is easy to form chat rooms, and logging on and off is not a hassle. In fact, if the modera... more

What’s Biden trying to do in Saudi Arabia?

I have received interview requests from numerous television channels and journalists regarding the CIA report on the Jamal Khashoggi murder. However, I knowingly did not respond to any of them. I am announcing this for the first time here. Of course,... more

Obama left as big a mess for Biden as Trump did

U.S. elections are, in a sense, the world’s elections. The ironic part is that votes are cast by U.S. citizens only, but everybody is concerned with the results, and the results impact everybody. The whole world has closely been following the presid... more

The path to Yemen’s salvation

It really is not that difficult to solve the problem in Yemen. The operation led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been ongoing for six years. The reason this operation has become so prolonged and increasingly complicated is neit... more

Time for UAE to pay for its crimes against Mehmet Ali Öztürk

The fact that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) considers the democratic developments in the Middle East as a threat has led it to adopt a scheming style of politics, where it supports and organizes coups everywhere. Underhandedly backing terrorism thro... more

Who would be jumping for joy at the prospect of a US coup?

Never-ending wars, turmoil, civil wars, invasions and coups, systematic human rights violations, imprisonment and torture… These are scenes we have become quite accustomed to seeing in the Middle East. Recall and visualize the images we have come acr... more


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