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“Yes” Turkey’s unity and peace will get stronger

Tomorrow is an important day for Turkey and the public will have an important say in the outcome. In an intense and rough campaign period, we witnessed how the “no” front did nothing but repeat its hit and run perception propaganda. We heard the “a s... more

Southeast rallies and new era in Kurdish question

Both sides are continuing at full speed with their campaigns concerning the constitutional amendment package to be put to referendum on April 16. Surely, the most ideal situation for the referendum would have been for these campaigns to be focused on... more

FETÖ’s April 16 campaign

During these days with the referendum fast approaching, the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) appears to be the most active and effective worker of the “no” campaign. There are no ideas or arguments put forward in this campaign by the Republican... more

A strange campaign, strange polarization

It seems that the constitutional amendment to be put to a referendum on April 16, concerns certain world centers more than it does the people of Turkey. Every day we are seeing how those concerned are participating in these referendum campaigns in ac... more

The spectres of Islam haunt Europe

Karl Marx starts his “Communist Manifesto” with the line, “A specter is haunting Europe – the specter of Communism.” In the first half of the 19th century, there was an atmosphere in which the fear of communism was haunting the whole of Europe – even... more

Germany’s democracy got stuck in the parking lot

The meeting Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ was planning to hold near Germany's Stuttgart city was unilaterally canceled by the Gaggenau Municipality, citing the lack of adequate parking space to meet the needs of those expected to attend. Naturally, T... more

The President's visit to the Gulf

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Gulf visit to Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia began a day after the announcement that the referendum ballot on the new constitution will be held on April 16, and that historic announcement may have overshadowed the tr... more

Presidential system 'according to the public and for the public'

One aspect of the criticisms of the constitutional amendments on the agenda is that they will create uncontrollable power in the presidency, and another are their relation to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's persona. Both matters certainly deserve to... more

Just as the dark clouds in Syria were going away

The weather for peace and solution in Syria is rapidly interchanging between clear and overcast. Just when everything is thought to have taken a turn for the worst and the sky is covered in dark clouds, a new development clears the clouds and the new... more

What will the presidential system bring?

At times, the current constitutional change process leads to harsh arguments. We should not be too hung up on the harshness of these arguments that sometimes go as far as physical clashes in the Turkish Parliament. These are not images that should be... more

Constitution change and leadership

The proposal for the Constitution change, which will bring the most radical change in Turkey's administration system to date, will start to be discussed in the Parliamentary General Assembly as of today. During these meetings, which will be in the fo... more

The wreck taken over from 2016 in the EU and US

We wanted to start the new year wishing that it is a more just year in which peace is established more worldwide. However, probably as a country closest to defending and establishing both justice and peace, Turkey became subject to a savage attack in... more

The US should give up supporting terrorism

Turkey and Russia's developing cooperation on Syria continues to create new opportunities in the solution of the crisis. The agreement reached between Turkey and Russia had stopped the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo from deepening and civilian deaths.... more


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