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The way out against a sectarian war

The image that the incidents in Syria is a sectarian war, is the image those who are managing the war are constantly trying to portray. Frankly, the language and motivation used by those fighting in the battlefield to kill each other is also sectaria... more

The theater and backstage

Almost all details of the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, were first published in the social media second by second, and then were presented to everyone's sight. There is no doubt that this presentation is closely relate... more

The Beşiktaş and Kayseri bombs are from our ally

The attempts to occupy and siege Turkey since February of 2012 respectively with the Gezi, December 17 and Kobani incidents were unmasked with the boldest attempt of them, the July 15 coup attempt. When the coup attempt failed, the real perpetrators ... more

If you are looking for Karbala, Yazid, Hussein…

Modern civilization, displayed in fancy showcases such as modernity and science, which the late Muhammad Qutb called, “the ignorance of the 20th century,” and Turkey's national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy described as, "The civilized [world] is but a mons... more

Trump's presidency and the Palestine-Israel Issue

In my previous articles I discussed the possible effects Donald Trump's U.S. presidency had on U.S.-EU relations. Today, I am going to try and discuss another dimension, one that has effects on Turkey's foreign politics and world peace. Nearly all U.... more

Reaction that emerged from within European values

It is a known fact that the decision the European Parliament (EP) took to temporarily stop Turkey's EU membership negotiations is of no significance for the elected Turkish government or the Turkish nation. A certain part of the country had been reac... more

Does the EU want to turn Trump's election into an opportunity?

After Donald Trump's election, a state of uneasiness is prevailing around the world. Even in the U.S., various segments' protests against Trump's election occupy the world media. Trump based his election campaign on Islamophobic messages, vowing that... more

Did you say the secular age?

After reading the literature on secularism and inclining your ear on the discourse, you are sure to think that world history is flowing toward secularism. Because this literature explains everything as if from a movie scene in which secularism is the... more

For who and what is the PKK avenging Kurds?

It isn't possible to explain the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) recently accelerated attacks with its own performance, scope or capacity. Nor can it be explained with the internal tension and conflict within Turkey. As the relations between the sta... more

The Syria problem between Kerry and Obama

The disorder and war in Syria is about to complete its sixth year. We face a humanitarian plight in which 5 million people were forced to leave their homes and take refuge in bordering countries and millions were displaced within Syria. The situation... more

Social scientists' FETÖ test

I had previously discussed how the Fetullah Gülen Terror Organization (FETÖ) had a serious sociological state in societies it was based in or affected. This very dimension drew the attention of a group of academics. No social sciences literature has ... more


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