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Alarm bells in the Middle East for the U.S.

Turkey's involvement in Syria via Jarabulus has undoubtedly brought hope for the Syrian people. Because, in every place Turkey stepped into, the inhabitants of that place returned to their homes and those who were there already continued to live ther... more

Desperate strategies for HDPKK

Upon the appointment of trustees to municipalities that are involved in terrorism, that support terrorism, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Figen Yüksekdağ made a statement saying, “We will ruin Eid for them.” Then, on the first day of Eid, t... more

Turkey made room for a solution in Jarabulus

A new era has evolved in the crisis in Syria, which is now in its fifth year, with the Jarabulus operation and involves the world's most important actors. While the demographic transformation tried to be formed on Syrian territory with the teeter-tot... more

The sociology of July 15

The reaction shown by the people of Turkey toward a coup attempt on July 15 and the incidents that developed in its aftermath contain unique aspects requiring social sciences to review all they know. We had stated this in our previous column too. Wit... more

15 Years with AK Party

It has been 15 years since the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) was first founded. The AK Party was founded in the dark days of Feb. 28, the period which the army arrogantly said would continue for a thousand years. In such dark days, this pa... more

From coup to revolution: July 15

Following many historical events it is always said that things will never be the same in Turkey again… This phrase obviously suits July 15 the most. Everything really has changed in Turkey after the July 15 coup attempt. A dark organization, which ha... more

What did Turkish Socialism do on July 15?

The coup attempt on the night of July 15 has placed an interesting picture in front of us. While the Turkish people, men, women and children, stood against tanks, warplanes and guns on the night of the coup, certain groups sat back and watched (some ... more


After each hour that passes we can better understand the kind of calamity this country would face if the coup attempt that failed after being blown up by the complete resistance of the Turkish people on July 15, God forbid, had it even been partially... more

What is not included in Turkey's agreement with Israel?

Turkey's new steps in its foreign policy, particularly those including Israel and Russia, provided important opportunities to see the scale and nature of Turkey's weight in world politics. Turkey's power in foreign policy are also, to an extent, very... more

UK referendum and EU's future

The much-awaited result of the referendum in the United Kingdom has been determined. The majority of the UK voted to opt out of the European Union. We can say that this has created an interesting picture. Before evaluating this picture, it would be b... more


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