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German parliament's lynching attempt

Germany is actually a country that is highly sensitive about using the term “genocide.” It is because of this that it lost the chance to have its own independent foreign policy. It is because of this obsessive notion that it has been obliged to adopt... more

Indecent proposal to Turkey with European cunning

The EU putting the free travel and visa exemption agreement, which already had a date, into the migration deal is an example of European cunning. The EU even took the risk of the migration package it proposed to Turkey being against EU migration laws... more

The “Divine Left” and the Kurds

Kurds are another instrument that the Turkish left has been holding on to while waiting for its Messiah, or to express it in typology that entered leftist literature after Gramsci, while acting with the passion to be "the prince of our era.”For a whi... more

Islamism and the Left's Genealogy

The reactions toward the articles I have been writing on the left and exclusively on the Islamic left require me to complete a couple more points that have been left out on the subject. I first need to state that the primary reason leading me to writ... more

Erdoğan's distinction in the OIC leadership

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation's Istanbul summit has started to show its effects. The summit's former leader, Egypt's pro-coup President, saw the behavior he was supposed to see from the whole world during this summit in Istanbul. And thus, ... more

Muslim world as 'main opposition' of the world system

It seems that the Organization for Islamic Cooperation's (OIC) Istanbul summit, is, for the first time in the organization's history, a major turning point that will take it from being a token organization and render it effective. This is the first t... more

How will the play in Syria end?

The human memory is forgetful. Yet things are progressing so fast in our times that we forget even the incidents that happened the previous day. And if there is systematic propaganda activities happening, we are made to forget. Even the causal chain ... more

'Longest Play' of the Century: Syria

It has now been five full years since the civil war that intensified in Syria upon the ruthless response of the regime to the civilian demonstrations that started in March 2011 with the demand for the democratization / reform of the regime.The interv... more

Islam and leftism and the 'opposition of the disconnected'

What can be said for those who have been honored with the path of insight, which God says He described as a blessing for humans and completed with Islam, yet are seeking welfare in other paths that have somehow shown themselves appealing?There is a s... more

Rejuvenating democracy and responsibility

We have been in Africa, in Zambia's adorable capital, Lusaka, for the past week for the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly. Established in 1889, the IPU is the oldest international formation. It has been working parallel with the United Nations... more

Who controls the US, Daesh or Assad?

Jeffrey Goldberg, who wrote “The Obama Doctrine” for The Atlantic magazine, discusses how US politics (the Obama administration) prioritizes the end of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in 2014, yet changes its priority to battling Daesh after three Amer... more

Is the US really this gullible, or is it playing dumb?

The Atlantic magazine recently published an article titled “The Obama Doctrine” by national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg, who is known for his closeness to the White House – so much so that he is referred to as the “White House journalist.” This ar... more


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