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Politics, terror and academic misery

The attempt to evaluate political attitudes through academic scales, seeing academic titles, positions or discourses as the verification or legitimizer of political attitudes, simply put, is a bad exploitation of knowledge. But this exploitation is a... more

Are Kurds worthy of ditch politics?

The Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK's) claims that it is defending the rights of Kurds, struggling for their identity and fighting to liberalize them, signifies to Kurds nothing more than ditches dug in front of their houses. The Peoples' Democratic ... more

UN's plan to save Assad, or a grand compromise?

The Syrian conflict is experiencing a breaking point after President Bashar Assad's regime violently responded to mass civilian demonstrations with chemical and biological weapons, genocidal massacres and mass rapes, then turned into a civil war. The... more

Demirtaş finds his role model in Moscow

The crises seen from time to time in Turkey's foreign policy have a significant impact on the ideational tendencies of the "always opponent" highbrows in Turkey. The content of the relationships formed with the parties in power is the determinant in ... more

The name of the masked ball is 'Fighting Daesh'

Russia's interest in the Middle East has taken a new turn since the Syrian crisis started. It can be said that the claimant situation created in Libya after being deceived, was put to good use in supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. It ... more

Iran devours its Revolution

It has been five years since Muhammed Buazizi, a young man in Tunis who earned his living from peddling, attempted to commit suicide by burning himself, as a result of the lawless and the unjust practices of the Tunisian police. Now, December 17 refe... more

Is geography fate?

After the first part of the '5th Arab-Turkish Social Sciences Congress' took place in Morocco. The second part is taking place at the Strategic Thinking Institute in Ankara, with the participation of Arab countries. This initiative, which started bef... more

Syria might be the start of the end for Russia

A number of International relations researchers are interpreting the operations Russia has attempted in Syria, and Russia abruptly invading Syria as Russia's uncontrollable rise in the system, and the Russian power threatening the Western World. I be... more

Current crisis tests NATO for sincerity and necessity

Interesting discussions have been occurring within internal and international politics since Turkey did not allow an aircraft of “unknown origin” to violate its airspace. The downed aircraft was later determined to be a Russian jet. The most importan... more

A switch from 'proxy' war to 'direct' war in Syria?

The Syrian issue started to draw greater attention from the international community after the terror attacks in France. In addition to this, we can say that Westerners generally have not seen the forest for the trees. It is obvious that the fight aga... more

Who is targeting France and why?

Followed by Turkey experiencing one of the bloodiest attacks of its history last month, France too has experienced an atrocious attack, both attacks carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The timing and locations of the attac... more

June 7: Food for thought

The results of the November 1 election, like the November 3, 2003 elections that brought the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to power for the first time, had an effect that suddenly ended all prior arguments once and for all in favor of the ... more


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