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Did someone say Cold War?

In relation my columns on the policies Russia developed in Syria and the position it regained in the global scale post-Cold War, my dear friend Erol Göka asked a question that is on everybody's mind: The Cold War again? In my last column, I had tried... more

Militant intellectuals in the 'Merkel cell'

An interesting incident is narrated in Ahmet İhsan Tokgöz's work titled “Matbuat Hatıralarım” (My Press Memoirs) and prepared for print by Alpay Kabacalı. The time's anti-Sultan Abdülhamid members of the Wealth of Sciences (Servet-i Fünûn) movement w... more

A new Sykes-Picot after a century?

2015 was the centenary of very important incidents. World War I, which began in 1914 and lasted four years, deeply affected both the history and sociology of societies and the fundamental dynamics of international politics, and continued to shape it ... more

The aiders and abettors of terrorism

We have experienced the bloodiest terror act in the history of the Republic. We lost many of our people in the Ankara terrorist attack. There are hundreds who have been wounded. It is very clear that those carried out this attack took an aim at the... more

Russia about to drive NATO into a corner in Syria

The recent military operations conducted by Russia in Syria have topped the world's agenda. In my column, which was published following Russia's operations that are claimed to target Turkmen settlement areas as well, including the various aspects of ... more

The U.S.'s 'Ostrich Policy' in Syria

This happened too. Russian warplanes started to strike the Syrian opposition's training camps with the excuse of bombing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's (ISIL) – also known as DAESH – training camps. According to the news or allegations re... more

NATO's test with PYD

Last week, new developments came through which could create a confidence crisis between Turkey and the U.S. The reason for this crisis was Turkey being uncomfortable with the U.S.'s support for the PYD-YPG, which is an organization that is a threat t... more

What happened to all that Birikim?

I was considering writing about the points made by monthly socialist culture magazine Birikim (experience) since the Gezi incidents. With Gezi, all Birikim writers had fallen into a state of confusion. All of their violence backed desires of a revolu... more

'If you want peace, you need to walk to Qandil, not Cizre'

We wrote about the Nationalist Movement Party's (MHP) dangerous dance with the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). It's obvious that this is a dance pre-planned by both parties. Actually, when we say the HDP, it would no longer be wrong to comprehend th... more

MHP's dangerous dance with HDP

Before I could even learn the details of the PKK's ambush and trap-filled treacherous attack in Dağlıca, we received news of the attack in Iğdır, just as treacherous as the other, leading to the martyrdom of 13 police in a mine attack. These despicab... more

The western world's conscience show

Aylan Kurdi's lifeless body washing ashore has brought the Syria crisis to the world's agenda once again. The ongoing war (4 years now) in Syria, the Assad regime violating human rights, crimes against humanity, and the genocide-like massacres had no... more

Like a verse from the Quran: the child washed ashore

For the eyes that see, there are many things happening around us that can make our inner conscious sensitive, remind us that we have responsibilities towards the things that occur around us and wake us up from the overwhelming carelessness that we ar... more


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