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The Kurds' choice

One of the obvious outcomes of the June 7 elections is that a significant number of Kurdish votes, compared to the previous elections, shifted from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which defines its... more

The suppressed terrorist in the BBC and NYT

Let's think for a moment: An explosive placed under an asphalted road near any settlement area in Texas explodes as a U.S. military vehicle passes and eight soldiers lose their lives. Following this attack, a television channel broadcasting in Turkey... more

'They only fooled themselves'

I've talked about the matter of robot authorship. With the same topics, mould arguments, examples and data, it's suddenly turning into a campaign to which many writer-looking robots are jumping to. Are they trying to show how some AK Party members ar... more

A terrorist fighting against a terrorist cannot be a hero

One should admit that, the Turkish Republic addressing the PKK during the Reconciliation Process for the past two and a half years, and the PKK not using arms against the Turkish military loosened the 'terrorist' tag on the PKK.In fact, if the PKK ha... more

Will the HDP pay the penalty of a spoiled PKK?

The pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) pushed the election threshold with the boost that it received from the upscale Cihangir-Nişantaşı jet set in the June 7 elections, but it was obvious that this boost alone would not bring it above the t... more

The operation that threw a curveball

We can say that the operation, in which warplanes of the Turkish Armed Forces attacked DAESH (ISIL) targets in our Syria border and PKK camps in Northern Iraq, had a positive reflection in the world. Turkey's operation against ISIL is not surprising,... more

The democratization and violence paradox in the Kurdish issue

The hypothesis that tensions amongst the society decrease in line with the advancement in democratization, and that different segments of the society would be included in politics as more rights and freedoms are granted, and that societal peace could... more

Will this news benefit MHP or HDP?

The resolution process can be seen as one of the most critical issues in the coalition talks whose second stage will start today. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has been stating that they are completely against the resolution process and claime... more

Srebrenica and genocide 20 years later

One of the most important results of World War II was the fact that the cost of the genocide, which had been committed against the Jews before and during the war, was paid by all humanity, especially the Germans. The idea that “if a violence of that ... more

Dirty legitimacy produced from the “War against ISIL”

The Middle East is a geographical area where the dictators, who have been keeping their own communities under control with correspondence regimes since the Cold War era, survive with their “acceding” relations with the Western countries. One of the g... more


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