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Terror expression over Kobani

As a result of the ISIL terrorists' attacks, 200,000Kobani civilians were forced to seek shelter in our country, and thus, entered Turkey's agenda with striking drama. Actually, since the beginning of the war in Syria, this wasn't the first immigrant... more

The coalition and politics

The results of the June 7th election are being interpreted as the nation's coalition message to the political parties. This interpretation is already a message that has general validity for politics. However, everyone knows that when you ask them “wo... more

Code name of the setup: ISIL

As Turkey is laboring over the election process, the timing of the happenings in Syria is showing us how closely related this is with Turkey's activities. The parliament distribution after the election results is giving us the impression that the for... more

Understanding the Kurds' willpower correctly

In my opinion, the comments related with the attitudes of the Kurds are the wrong results that had been hurriedly interpreted from the election results and tended to be accepted as general. First of all, it's not correct that the Kurds did not vote f... more

The opposition's destructive success to AK Party

Even though the outcome of the election results does not appeal to us, we won't stray from our “every cloud has a silver lining" line. There had been people, who experienced a big frustration after looking at these results, who couldn't find their ex... more

May it bring good luck

We left behind another general election. I cannot make evaluations regarding the results as the elections were still proceeding when this piece was written, but I wish, regardless of the outcome of the results, that they may bring good luck to our co... more

Who will this alliance save?

Finally, We should see the tomorrow's elections will also take us to a junction point. It is obvious that the entire elections represent a junction point where people have lots of options in respects of their choices. The elections offer people ... more

Under the shadow of guns; It's HDP, you can expect anything

Upon hearing the news or developments related with HDP members' difficulties in conducting some political activities in many provinces in the West, the “guard intellectuals” performed their known human rights and democracy reflexes, and published a n... more

Sayyid Qutb's Ghost Wandering Over Egypt

Almost two years passed since the coup against Mohammed Morsi, the first President that came to power through democratic elections in Egypt, in 2013. During this time, in order to exceed their legitimacy depression, the coupist General Abdel Fattah E... more

Even democracy cannot cure Israel

The coalition negotiations in Israel, which continued after the elections in March, had come to an end only a couple hours before the ending of the time given to the Likud Party's leader Benjamin Netanyahu by President Rivlin. After Netanyahu won the... more

U.K. elections

In the general election held in the United Kingdom, the current Prime Minister, David Cameron's, Conservative Party has won and achieved a majority to form the government alone. This process can be regarded as the continuation of the Conservative Par... more

How many “genocides” does the Syria tragedy count as?

The violence in Syria, which is purposely committed towards the dignity, pride and lives of people, and which had gradually increased, enough to be a subject of statistics, to which every person in the country is exposed to and which harbors enough h... more

The Kemalism Loop that imposed itself on the Kurds

As the cooperation and seclusion between the HDP politicians and Nişantaşı leftists, whose votes are targeted, develops, the Kemalist Baasism within those politicians seems to overflow and erupt. After all, they don't even feel the need to oppress th... more


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