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Digging a tunnel in law and abducting someone from prison

The display of the Turkish legal system's decomposition is presented as the people adopted hiring judges as a more valid way than hiring lawyers in order to protect their rights or obtain a gain from law. Actually, as hiring judges becomes more valid... more

If only the innocent one threw the first stone

Since April 24, politicians, parliaments, as though they are responding to a lynching call, have started to make statements against Turkey, one after the other. The declarations that came from the European Parliament, Austrian, French and German sta... more

The New Turkey Contract and Politics as a Responsibility

One of the major contributions that the AK Party made to Turkish politics is, without a doubt, the election manifestos, in which each one was considered a contract between the people and the party. Election manifestos are texts that are prepared meti... more

“It must be fake”

For a while now, some documents, which will be shedding light on Turkey's history and which have the quality to make it necessary to rewrite many sections of this history, are being published in the Yeni Şafak gazette. That history is something that ... more

The Turkish Left-Wing's Kurdish

Recently, the HDP Co-Chairman had stepped up to the rostrum and delivered a clear message within a couple of sentences, which will go down in the history of Group Meetings. The message was so crucial that it shouldn't be overshadowed with other state... more

Documents related to Gülen's past and the Prosecutor's murder

The documents, which have been published by Yeni Şafak since Monday and which shed light on Gülen's past, had an expected agenda arbiter effect. These documents were not something to be overlooked or evaded. These documents are revealing Gülen's netw... more

The intervention in Yemen to recoup the loss

The intervention in Yemen, which is led by Saudi Arabia and the participations of Gulf countries and Pakistan, is belated but still spot on. In Yemen, where the Arab Spring process interestingly occurred at the beginning and where the transition peri... more

Why don’t they see democracy as an alternative for Assad?

It has been 4 years since the revolutionary period in Syria began. This period actually began not as revolution, but a way to expand the freedoms a little more and a way for a regime that would rule more humane. That is why just like in all of the ot... more

Your language is VULGAR and your consciences are made out of STONE

In the previous days, I’ve encountered a TV program, where Enver Aysever shouted at Halime Kökçe saying, “You’ll be put on trial” by waving his finger at her, like a slogan within a militant obstinacy. Even though I didn’t have a grasp of the matter,... more

The right of psychology

We have seen that, in order to comprehend the meaning of the outstanding sensitivity performed against “terror” in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo incident, we had to see the slaughter of three Muslims in the US, with a similar attack, because of their... more


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