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Moving on with the African expansion

ADDIS ABABA. After declaring 2005 as “the year of Africa”, Turkey started to bring to fruition the African expansion in the real sense. Since 2002, Turkey has increased its number of embassies in Africa to 39, and later on, increased the trading volu... more

Turkey is in the accusing position, not on the defense

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s back-to-back trips to Paris, Berlin and Brussels in the past week, and his London, Davos and Zurich trips this week, helped illuminate a new arena of encounters with the European Union. In the environment, where Paris... more

The freedom of expression fraud

It’s not hard to guess that following the Charlie Hebdo attack, the arguments related with Islam, Europe identity and multiculturalism would be rekindled, not only in France, but all around the world. We are living in a world, where Europe is trying ... more

A bout of racism in Europe

The western world, which is trying to promote anti-racism and multiculturalism as a norm and value, has had to deal with the most severe bout of racism and cultural hatred of recent times.This bout is something cyclical in nature. It is a disease tha... more

Displaying larceny in the“show of strength”

Ali Bayramoğlu has characterized the Supreme Court’s approval of Hanefi Avcı’s punishment as “The Gülen-led group’s show of strength”. This is a characterization that best describes the situation; however, it’s lacking. Another description that can c... more

A column or even a “hair” can become an evidence

It seems that the talents of the parallel structure cannot be counted, since they are innumerable. Falsity, slander, intrigue, coups, religious abuse, exploiting authority and duty, personalization, fiduciary treason, misusing the trust and etc.They ... more

The parallel structure’s code

A structure, which had started the journey to reach a certain objective and was formed to realize those objectives, losing sight of the objective, while glorifying it in the first place, is actually one of the typical results in political movements.B... more

From where did December 17th’s miscalculation ricochet?

The December 17th coup attempt is an incident where the (parallel) structure, which had attracted attention with its strategic mind, calculation and acts, had been duped.At first, this made people question why a structure, which had reached its curre... more

The possibility of establishing a community in Iraq via ISIL

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s visit to Iraq, after the government was established by Haydar Ibadi, is without a doubt a beginning, which will not only provide the relations between Turkey and Iraq to continue from where its left off, but will also... more

A change of mindset and law for the Higher Education Board

Higher education has always been one of the most problematic areas in Turkey, and particularly so since the establishment of YÖK. (Higher Education Board)Actually even before the establishment of YÖK, ever since the University Reform of 1933, the uni... more


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