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What do we mean by the struggle against ISIL?

The 2014 summit of NATO, which was held in Wales, gave a significant portion to the struggle against ISIL. The ISIL question is not only restricted to the Middle East nor Damascus. Apart from the irony, in these places people come from all parts of ... more

Loyalty in politics and agape

Last month the developments in Turkey for many people in Turkey and the whole world made it indispensable to appeal to the term "new Turkey". There is no doubt that after a quite dodgy year Turkey has been renewed, refreshed and achieved a highly acc... more

Politics with an artistic flavor

I stated earlier that the politics, which AK Party pursued and demonstrated under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan until now, broke the stereotypes concerning politics. The new Turkey will be a location where such stereotypes will be broken and... more

Right at this point of the song, we needed a Davut-ish sound

AK Party is a party which has been administering Turkey all alone for 12 years. It"s possible to say that, as things stand, AK Party had made contributions to Turkey"s political history that has revolutionary quality. Before anything else, by winning... more

Sincerely, the 13th anniversary of AK Party

August 14 is the 13th anniversary of AK Party"s foundation, which at the same time corresponds to the first anniversary of the slaughter in Rabaa Square, Cairo. Including the first election, which it won only a while after its foundation, it indispu... more

The fine for fooling the whole nation

In the investigation, which was launched against the parallel structure within the police, some of the detained were arrested with the charge of espionage. This is just the first account of the previously exposed, explicit legal crime of wiretapping ... more

What matters is Israel and the rest is a detail!

Call it international law, human rights, modernization acquis, secularism etc, whatever! Concerning all that has been said earlier; when it comes to Israel, you can simply leave them aside. If what matters is Israel, then all these terms and this ac... more

On the road to New Turkey

After the Prime Minister Erdogan"s Presidency Election Vision statement announcement, it became foreordained that the main discussions, which will designate the Presidency election, would be based on "new" and "old" Turkey. While the President will ... more

Israel"s Aggression and the Condition of the Islamic World

As we approach the middle of the Ramadan month, the condition of the Islamic world is heart breaking. All over, because of the hot conflicts, every day an average of hundreds of people are dying, hundreds more are wounded and thousands are deterritor... more

The illusion of innocence through the Turkish Olympics

With the December 17 process, the organization, that added to literature a new type of coup attack in the history of the Turkish Republic, has recently exerted one of its most harmful damages upon certain NGOs or their ideas. For many years, Turkey ... more

Success gauge for foreign policies

The recent incidents in Iraq, an organization named ISIL reaching activity levels enough to surround Iraq and de facto dragging Iraq to a situation with no return, are developments that prove Turkey"s current posture is right. Turkey"s name being men... more


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