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Turkey's message to the world through Hagia Sophia

The reopening of Hagia Sophia for Muslim worship gave rise to many discussions not only in Turkey but across the globe – as expected. Of course, it was obvious that this decision was going to stir certain emotions in some segments and lead to rage.It... more

Who in the world cares about refugees and their children?

My previous article about missing refugee and migrant children in Europe drew more attention than I expected. Europe has already taken all sorts of measures regarding the entrance of refugees into their countries. The apathy it is demonstrating with ... more

‘Missing refugee and migrant children in Europe’

It’s no secret that the issue of refugees is one of the biggest challenges the European Union has faced in the past few years. The bloc was in a state of total disarray in the way it recently handled the issue despite all its values, standards and qu... more

Israel is the greatest threat to global security

Today is the day that Israel declared it will launch the final step of its plan – which it has been implementing for years as it clashes with the rest of humanity – to “annex” the Jewish settlements in the already-occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley... more


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