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What ever happened to Trump’s Middle East plan?

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East policy contains three steps that don’t really make sense as a whole. All three steps concern both Turkey and Israel, and as they all intertwine, it is obligatory to reinterpret all approaches of international... more

Is it the US’s job to protect the 'Kurds'?

The Daesh threat was the most important reason the U.S. used to justify its presence in Syria. However, according to U.S. President Donald Trump, as that threat has been 100 percent eliminated, it should be time for the U.S. to leave Syria.Trump earl... more

CHP’s Syria conference

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) held an “International Syria Conference” in Istanbul and unfortunately it did not surprise. Had Syria’s despotic leader Bashar Assad, who slaughtered millions of his own people in the most brutal ma... more

The Arab Spring is picking up from where it left off

The events happening in Egypt today show that the process that started as the Arab Spring has not ended with coups and counter-coups, and that it will not end so easily. The discourses, slogans and demands of the revolutions that took place in 2011 a... more

Sisi is a serious security problem for Egypt

The demonstrations that erupted after a match in Egypt show that the bells of doom have started ringing for Trump's “favorite dictator.” The demonstrations, which have been spreading every day since they broke out, have brought together the social co... more

Trump’s 'favorite dictator' Sisi is in a pickle

The consequences of friendship with the U.S. seems to be a perpetual mystery, doesn’t it?Or to be more precise, the U.S. is generally a country that is detrimental to its allies.For that reason it seems to better not be friends at all or just preserv... more

What law can put an end to unconscionable violence?

There are such moments in life, where you experience incidents that all of humanity experience and all eyes bear witness to. It is said that an experience is more of a lesson than countless advice. Calling it a lesson would be putting it lightly, bec... more

Does the Arab League have an Arab policy?

The first outcome of the peace corridor in northern Syria, agreed upon between Turkey and the U.S., is expected to be the formation of a safe zone for the people of Syria. This safe zone will provide protection for the Syrian people against the massa... more

Turkey gives US the chance to make up for its losses in Syria

Turkey and the U.S. have long been negotiating the formation of a peace corridor against the terror corridor in the north of Syria. The recent meetings held upon the visit of a U.S. delegation, finally led negotiations to be efficacious. As a matter ... more


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