Bandits cannot rule the world

Bandits cannot rule the world, but unfortunately, they do.

Jerusalem's occupation by the world’s bandit Israel is actually proof that the entire world has been occupied, that the bandit is ruling the whole world. Because Jerusalem is the mirror of the whole world. Whatever is happening in Jerusalem, the same is happening in the world.

Whatever order is in control in Jerusalem, there is a reflection and extension of it in the whole world. Therefore, whoever wants to establish any kind of order in the world, they start from Jerusalem or vice versa. Whoever wants to save Jerusalem, they must reach out to the world. We see that those who consider that the world consists of five countries, those who take this consideration as a presupposition, who accept this unquestionably are quiet about all that is happening in Jerusalem and cannot raise their voices. Because Jerusalem is a reflection of their situation as well. What is under occupation is their freedom and its key is in Jerusalem. The world has been in the same condition as Jerusalem throughout history. Similarly, Jerusalem has been in the same condition as the world.

Jerusalem is going under the rule of bandits directly with the approval, desire and intervention of the U.S. Even though the world is silent because it has taken the world order’s bribe, or because it is afraid of it, the whole world is against this occupation, the whole world is suffering under this bandit’s rule. But, nobody is able to raise their voice or object. This world is the world of fears, bribery and difficulty. The state in Jerusalem is a perfect mirror of this world.

But despite this, there are those resisting in Jerusalem. Even though the whole world has been bought, even though all the people of the world surrendered out of fear, or enjoined in the oppression in one way or another, there are those who have not surrendered – just like there are still those who are resisting against the bandit order in all corners of the world. Jerusalem is holding a mirror to the world in this regard as well. Oppression will never be everlasting. As the strongest troops of bandit tyranny has risen, a rescuer force will also rise alongside it. Verily with every difficulty there is ease and a resistance against every oppression.

Thus, there are those who are standing tall in Jerusalem. There are those who are resisting on their knees without losing anything from their strength to resist, even though they lost their legs in the savage attacks they faced in the previous resistance. Gaza, Ramallah is standing tall with its men and women, young and old alike, and is crying out to humanity that the bandit’s rule over the world cannot be eternal, saying, “The bandit will not, cannot rule the world.”

This voice is turning into a nightmare for Israel, the bandit’s branch in Palestine. It is afraid of its shadow. It is turning into a crazy, paranoiac fear that cannot be controlled in their hearts despite their powerful weapons. The hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons that so-called Muslim countries around it have built up do not scare it, but the stone thrown by a young man in a wheelchair, who lost his legs from his knees, scares it. Because it knows very well that eventually the stone will bring about its end. It knows best that it is a substitute for Goliath, that it looks like it and plays it. A Palestinian child stands before Goliath, showing his own end in Prophet David’s grandeur, in the Angel of Death’s grandeur. It will not be the so-called Muslim states, with their disgusting lifestyles, the weapons they accumulated with their purchases that give life to the U.S. that will defeat Israel, but those stones in the hands of those Palestinian children from Gaza, from Ramallah.

Waiting for an effective reaction, a resistance from European countries against this oppression is vain. They are the ones who are responsible in the first degree for Israel’s current occupation, impertinence and tyranny. It is futile to wait for them to raise their voices against the bloodshed in Palestine, maybe because they do not want to deal with the Jewish problem, maybe because they have given hostage their will to the world Zionist power network, or maybe only and simply because they are scared.

At most, they will act like the U.K., which our president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is currently visiting. British Prime Minister Theresa May is currently making statements along the lines of, “The U.K. does not agree with Jerusalem being the Israeli capital anyway and that it is following the developments with concern,” with respect to the terror, the massacres Israel is displaying to make Jerusalem its capital. The state that established Israel avoiding what is happening with these words today is, in itself, an exemplary display of insincerity. If it was sincere, of course, there would be a lot it could do. Whereas, the U.K. is the biggest accomplice in all the massacres and sins committed by Israel today.

Gaza is not bleeding, it is donating blood to the bloodless Ummah

The Gazan children, youth and women are not those who are most miserable in the face of Israel’s state terror, but rather the so-called Muslim states that are currently turning left and right, looking up and down – unable to have the courage to look at what is happening in front of them – to avoid taking any responsibility.

The blood is flowing in Gaza, but it is actually these countries whose wounds are bleeding, the countries that give life to Israel – which is killing Palestinians – in all their politics, trade and stances, even though they supplicate day and night in their prayers saying, “Oh Allah, please help our Palestinian brothers and sisters.”

In other words, just as the poet says, who will revive the living dead?

It was an old Gazan lady who made the best comparison between them and the condition of Gazans: “Those who think Gaza is bleeding should take a look at themselves… Gaza is donating blood to the Ummah (Muslim community) that has severely lost blood.”


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