​Blatantly dragging Turkey into a trap - YASIN AKTAY

​Blatantly dragging Turkey into a trap

The terror created by the masses that poured into the streets to the calling of HDP, or the People’s Democracy Party, leaves no place for any such rightfulness claim for the ones that took responsibility for this terror. The terror, which was conducted in the name of solidarity with the Kobani public based on the fact that there is a tragedy in Kobani, is only fueling the antipathy, instead of support, sympathy and empathy towards the Kobani residents.

If the strategy was meant to increase the support towards the Kobani public, then HDP had greatly failed in this matter. With the terror they cause by means of having their masses go out to the streets, they are dropping a bomb on the Kobani public and themselves each second.
Until now, as the public and as a state, Turkey had performed an outstanding solidarity example towards the victims of the tragedies that had been experienced in Syria, Iraq and Palestine. This solidarity had been received by the world with admiration and envy. Turkey had performed the same solidarity, with its public and state, to the Kobani public, and also is prepared to give more. After all, Turkey will not withhold opening its doors to the people who had been forced to abandon their homes, and give them all the humane aid. Turkey had accepted 185,000 people through its borders within only a couple of days and provided the best aid to them under these conditions, and still is. Though, we had witnessed the humanistic overflow of the HDP circles, which had not felt even the tiniest solidarity and mercy towards the one and a half million people that had taken shelter in our country, following the Kobani incident. It is possible. People might be choosing an underdog and care more about looking after their underdog. The choices of an individual don’t have to be dependent on the equal universal values and principles. They can bring forth their own races and tribes. However, there is situation that exceeds that;
There is a kinky side to the possessiveness style of HDP towards Kobani. Their possessive attitude towards Kobani is something that hurts Kobani more than not possessing it. HDP is terrorizing cities, burning libraries, schools, orphanages, paralyzing the life and torturing everyone in order to point out Kobani. Which soul, who had been exposed to this torture, will believe that the people at Kobani are exposed to torture?
When they stop the rumble and racket, and explain their issues, it starts to be hard to be believed. Either the issue is not the issue of a clever person or the definition of the issue can only be this bad.
They want Turkey to interfere in Kobani, which is under ISIL’s attack, to deal with ISIL, which they couldn’t defeat; then they want Turkey to hand Kobani over to them as an autonomous PKK/PYD or independent region. They are feeling anger towards Turkey for not doing that and they regard Turkey as the cooperator of ISIL, thus they are attempting to take out their anger on innocent people. First of all, to which incident outside its borders did Turkey react in the same way it’s expected from them in this matter? Such interference requires a memorandum about sending troops abroad, and they had recently said “no” to this memorandum at TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey). Such a contradictive behavior.
They want Turkey to make things easier for the volunteers that want to help Kobani. As if PKK militants, who had been fighting against Turkey, had been entering and leaving from Turkey’s custom gates with passports and visas. You know that there are many ways that will lead to Kobani; they know this better than Turkey. If you are so willing to fight, who is holding you back?
There is nothing left for the ones who don’t’ even have the courage to do that,  instead of the picture of laying an ambush and slaughtering people at their weakest time, and condescending to taking the public, peace, resolution process, and even their own life hostage against the state.
It had gone down in the books that this mentality had even asked Turkey to lead the war in Kobani on their behalf.
Putting all this aside, the Kobani incident suddenly being presented as a great tragedy by the foreign media and the same media criticizing Turkey for being a bystander to this tragedy are remarkable. Seeing humane sensitivities reappear in the ones, who didn’t even move an inch to the incidents in Syria where around 300,000 people had been slaughtered in every kind of tragedy and millions more had to seek refuge in other countries, is really a tear-inducing situation. This humane sensitivity, which didn’t even mobilize toward anywhere in Syria, mobilizing now this intensely and urgently is a situation that should actually be warning us.
Because we already know that some people are skilled at producing tragedy at a desired caliber at a desired time. Concordantly to the international interest and demand oriented towards Kobani, the terror in Turkey’s streets is defining the demand in the same direction, and warning us that ISIL or Kobani is a trap laid for us and we should be more careful. The trap is being pointed at and Turkey is blatantly trying to be pulled to this trap. Will Turkey fall for this?

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