Calling it ‘Armenian genocide’ will not absolve you of your own genocides - YASIN AKTAY

Calling it ‘Armenian genocide’ will not absolve you of your own genocides

It is April. So, countries who genocide is part and parcel of their history, nature, character, countries that are infamous through their politics for drowning the whole world in blood, disorder and genocide – not only throughout history but also today, have started to bring up the Armenian agenda against Turkey yet again.

First, a draft resolution presented by U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chief Adam Schiff states, “The House of Representatives considers the recognition and commemoration of the Armenian genocide as a U.S. policy.” It is simply a draft resolution, and one knows not what will happen and how it will develop. However, this is an ordinary agenda in the U.S. Senate and Congress every year.

This was followed by French President Emanuel Macron signing an enactment declaring April 24 as the “Commemoration Day of Armenian Genocide” from now onwards, with the enactment published in the official gazette.

Then, the coalition government in Italy was asked to officially recognize the Armenian genocide and defend it in international circles. A voting on the resolution saw 382 yes votes against 43 abstentions.

Referring to 1915, EU states that care so much about humans hence show how sensitive they still are towards tragedies suffered way back then, how compassionate and humane they are. Do not get me wrong, the case has nothing to do with current incidents; it is based entirely on their compassion, incorrigible humaneness, their soft-heartedness that cannot endure harming even an ant. That is if you buy it.

Today, as many places around the world have been drowning in blood under their watch, what they are increasingly doing with respect to 1915 is nothing other than provoking the hatred a little more. While this hatred has already become a serious problem for European communities, while it is summoning fascism like a dark cloud to its skies with every passing day, such steps will only result in more disaster.

Yet, initially, they were very good at playing the innocent, the tender-hearted, the humanist when carrying this out. Today, just as they are not convincing, with the way they cling onto this agenda, they cannot hide their hatred towards all Turks and Muslims.

In the past, there was a sense of compensating for their own sins in their clinging onto this agenda. Because, looking at what happened to the Armenians from their aspect, it was largely the tragic result of the adventure they embarked upon. They provoked and abandoned. This is just another dimension of the story.

One other dimension is what they did after taking into their countries the unwanted Armenians like parasites. Essentially, when the Ottomans exiled Armenians, they had not sent them abroad, in other words, outside their own lands. What they did consisted of changing their place within Ottoman territories. It was only later that the Armenians found themselves outside Ottoman borders. It is from there that many Armenians went to Europe. The number of those Armenians was large enough to threaten the population balance in Europe. One measure France had developed against this threat was to push them into the front lines in World War II, pitting them against other countries to have them kill each other.

Why is this case never reopened? Why is it that whenever the topic is about to come up, it is quickly dismissed and made to be forgotten? Whereas, there is a great crime there that the French committed against Armenians, and instead of facing its own sins, France resorts to 1915, because there is already a well-processed and accepted genocide story, readily waiting to use it as a scapegoat for all its sins.

As an example of the hypocrisy in this genocide story, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu recalls the genocide committed in Rwanda a quarter century ago. There is actually no reason to go that far back. Do they not have a share in all the massacres being committed today? When have we ever heard the humanitarian sensitivity of France as the blood of millions is being shed in Syria?

Did European leaders not visit Egyptian dictator, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, who killed 3,000 of his own people only two months ago without batting an eye, at a time when he executed nine innocent young men? Did they not also listen to a speech from that dictator regarding the specific conditions of dictatorship?

French President Macron who recently signed a resolution supporting attacks by coup-plotter Haftar, who he backs in Libya just for the sake of oil, against his own people. Which oppressed person’s pain can his declaration that the “Armenian genocide” will be commemorated annually heal and how?

What is happening in Libya today is, in fact, a disgrace for humanity. Someone who has nothing left to do with the people of Libya is attempting an invasion against a national alliance government, which is the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, as recognized by the international community, and trying to destroy this legitimate government and usurp all of Libya’s resources. And this man is supported by some countries, primarily including France. It is very clear that this Armenian genocide agenda has nothing to do with France’s conscience, but is it also not clear to whitewash which new genocide attempt the topic has been brought up again?

What about Italy?

The blood it shed in Libya in the 20s and 30s of the last century for the sake of the oil is still ongoing even today. Meanwhile, it resorts to 1915 to redeem itself for its sins. Let’s see how far they can go on for.

Yet, they should know that their hypocritical air of mourning helps neither the Armenians that have died, nor their grandchildren that are alive today. As a matter of fact, such attitudes will always remind of the crimes they committed against them. Just as their remembrance of the Armenian genocide will not compensate for their sins, it further reveals their true intentions.

The only thing they will bring to today by resorting to 1915 is hatred and enmity – and of course, the naked reality of the contradicting and two-faced situation they are in today.


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