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Cheap tactics and the slaughtered realities

More than 11 years have passed since the US attack and invasion, which held Saddam responsible for the September 11 attacks, and when it failed in finding the necessary evidences for this responsibility had targeted overthrowing him via the possession of weapons of mass murder.

Afterwards, a scandal was revealed that the Bush administration had fabricated the evidences in order to carry out this war; however, what’s done is  done. While the war continued to hold Iraq under its effect via all the results, the truth was one of the first casualties that had been affected and ravaged by this.

At first, the war had been associated and justified with the September 11 attacks; however, even though no findings emerged to show that Saddam had anything to do with these attacks, the US’ right to do anything with this justification was being accepted in a de facto way. The victimhood caused by the September 11 attacks was providing the US the right to warp the truth in any desired way. The punishment, which had been fined on a wrong addressee as the punishment of the US’s own victimhood, had started to present the opportunities that Al Qaeda, the expected addressee of the punishment, was looking for on a golden tray. At the end of nine years, the war machine, which had been mobilized by the US in order to annihilate Al Qaeda and which had transformed the whole country of Iraq into a place where Al Qaeda could wander as it liked, was required to retreat.

Let’s not be unfair. It wasn’t just Al Qaeda; it was also through the official Maliki administration. If you like, you can lodge at the irony of the situation, that at the end of 11 years, Iraq had reached a point where the two main enemies of the US had come to coexist, even share the country together.

In that war, the US administration, which was trying to convince Turkey that Saddam is a dangerous neighbor, attempted to pull Turkey in to a war alongside them. Thank Allah that Turkey’s democracy phase was working, the community’s common mind and common sense had become indicative, and Turkey had stayed back from that war, which began by slaughtering people. Nowadays, the roads of the people, who had suddenly made ISIL a preferential target, are also coinciding. They are sending us the invitation of joining the war via PKK’s street terror. With street terror, they are sending us, Turkey, a message that mobilization is needed against ISIL.

Since the carrier of the message is actually them, then, it is clear that this war has no benefit from Turkey’s point of view. This war doesn’t promise Turkey anything other than a trap. This war will not serve any other objective other than building insuperable walls between the regional communities and Turkey, inexpiable resentments and hostilities. Without shame, they say that Turkey is supporting ISIL. This is a cheap tactic that is being conducted in order to provoke Turkey against ISIL and to bring them to a self-actualization position. In order to prove that it has no connections with ISIL, Turkey will dive in the middle of this impletion through Kobane. They know exactly what they are doing. They surely know what ISIL is and what their own intentions are. Thus, our words are not directed at them, but rather to the ones that can be polluted by this cheap tactic.

Let us recall that for the past 11 years, ISIL has been operated directly by the coalition, which the US and England are the taking the lead, or had been raised and fed at Iraq, which is being administered by the governments and military powers that had been established and monitored by that coalition, and arrived to these days.

Today no single Turkish ammo is among the weapons of the organization called ISIL. Rather, the organization possesses many American, British, French and Chinese weapons. The ones who are attempting to associate Turkey with ISIL should explain this first. Since the beginning, in order to prove Turkey’s support to ISIL, some rumors like “ISIL militants are being treated at Turkish hospitals” are being mentioned.

However, the people who are voicing these rumors and claims should look at themselves before citing such accusations and be ashamed of themselves. Looking at the religion, gender and record of an injured person is an inhumane attitude before anything else. The Hippocratic Oath of the doctors states that they will treat anyone no matter what. We don’t know how many ISIL militants had come to Turkish hospitals for treatment. However, we know that hundreds of PKK or PYD militants had entered the hospitals, and this is not a crime to be defended; rather, it is a natural treatment ethic that we should be proud of. The world in which the people who made this accusation live in is the one world to be ashamed of.


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