Essam al-Arian dies in Sisi's dungeons: Is ‘natural death’ possible under unnatural conditions? - YASIN AKTAY

Essam al-Arian dies in Sisi's dungeons: Is ‘natural death’ possible under unnatural conditions?

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party was founded on Aug. 14. Yet, this same date is the anniversary of another event as well. Aug. 14 is also the day when the savage massacre took place in Egypt, adding further crime to its crimes and further disgrace to its shame in the name of breaking the civilian resistance against a coup ridden with plots. Both these events coinciding on the same day is a symbolic coincidence showing how valid and determining the controversy of the two politics is in the Islamic world today.

The political style of the known world order in the Middle East involves coups, massacres, violations of human rights, torture, Aqrab prisons, slaughtering people with saws in broad daylight, and making countries’ resources available to foreigners. As the administrators of these countries cannot tolerate their own people, they believe they are going to owe their existence to the bribes they give to foreigners. Hence, they are disassociated with their people, but rely on Israel, the U.S., or Europe’s imperialist countries. There is no compensation that they have not made for this sake. For example, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed finally revealed his secret love for Israel. They had not disrespected their own people so explicitly; they had not denied their own people’s will so openly until now. Yet, it has finally come to this.

This is a forbidden love that bin Zayed has kept even from his own father. Yet now he is now brazenly announcing it without feeling any need to hide it from anybody.

Of course, this style of politics is very compatible with the U.S. and Israel, which is why they will draw no serious criticism despite all their despicableness, all their human rights violations, all their murders and corruption. This is because the U.S., Israel, and certain EU groups are directly their partners in crime.

The other of these two politics is Turkey. As a country in the Islamic world, Turkey bases administration on the will of its own people, runs the country’s politics in harmony with its people and, with its democratic will, is a direct reflection of the public will. It has ensured serious development in the last 18 years with this performance, and kept complete track of its own rights in the region. Such a Turkey is a game-changer Turkey. A Turkey that does not give them the opportunity to act as they please in the Middle East, in the Mediterranean. A Turkey that spoiled Zionist plans that used to run smoothly until now.

Should it not have been stopped?

Did they not try to stop it?

How many operations, how many coup attempts were conducted on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made Turkey play this role?

Now, two political styles that meet on Aug. 14.

As a matter of fact, one of them is not even politics: it consists of plots, coups, treachery, invasions, massacres, and crimes against humanity.

As many as 3,000 people were killed in the fusillades by security forces during the Aug. 14, 2013 massacre in Egypt’s Rabaa Square. The tents, in which the dead people’s corpses were gathered, were also collected by security forces using heavy construction equipment, and set to fire together with the dead and wounded inside them. This torture, which the coup-plotters deemed proper for their own people, left behind scenes that will continue to linger on people’s consciences for centuries to come. None of those who suffered this treatment had even a pocket knife on them. Egyptian soldiers were showing a kind of violence and rage they had never shown to any Israeli soldier or any other foreign enemy until now to its completely innocent civilian people, who had done nothing but protest the coup.

Let alone a person who deems proper such treatment to his own citizens being a ruler, his walking freely in the country for even an hour is great torture to humanity. Today, that ruler is running a big country like Egypt with all his lies, treachery, bloodstained hands, and administrative incompetence.

A majority of those who could not be killed at Rabaa Square on Aug. 14, were caught and jailed. Some were sentenced to execution after standing in sham court trials. As those remaining in jail are exposed to torture and bad treatment, their end is also obvious. Every week a few people come out of the dungeons dead. A Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, who was aged over 90, died in jail in 2017 because none of his treatment needs were met. Last year, Mohammed Morsi’s assassination-like death happened in front of everybody’s eyes.

This year, on the anniversary of the Rabaa massacre, Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice Chairman Essam el-Arian died at age 66. Coincidence!

Al-Arian, who was arrested on Oct. 30, 2013, and held in prison for about seven years, died from a “heart attack” in Aqrab Prison, which is notorious for systematic torture and bad treatment.

Egyptian officials made a two-word statement regarding his death: “natural death.” There is no other statement at all about what happened before or after. It is known that Aryan was not able to see any of his relatives or lawyer for months. Not only him – no prisoner in Aqrab Prison is able to do so.

Is natural death possible under unnatural conditions?

Can a death be natural if people are denied the right to treatment, denied the most basic human rights – especially under conditions such as those in Aqrab, where death is always lurking about?

Erian’s death coinciding on Aug. 14, is like a desire to stand witness to what he experienced, to what his country, the Islamic world is experiencing while departing from this world. May God accept his testimony, may he be glorified with the status of martyrdom.


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