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Heartlessness in the world’s beating heart

They are trying to strike Turkey from its most assertive characterstic, the one through which it shines the brightest on the world stage.

They are trying to negate the example of humanism it has been demonstrating in recent years. For the last eight years, Turkey has been putting on an exemplary performance for the whole world with respect to humanitarian aid and politics.

True, it is not the world’s wealthiest country, but it is the world’s most generous country – not only with its state, but together with its society, people, nongovernmental organizations, and communities.

In today’s ruthless world, oppression has reached a fever pitch. Turkey has become the shelter of a world that has lost its compassion, the heart of the heartless world. Despite the rampant oppression, people are saying, “If there is Turkey, there is hope.” Turkey is like the manifestation of God’s mercy; the state and the people embraced with open arms those seeking shelter; they tried to mend wounds and gave solace for losses. Turkey hence rose and grew. But as it gave, God multiplied its gains – it gained as it gave. It was partly through the blessings and abundance emanating from this policy that it safely neared its goal after several rough spells.

In the meantime, Turkey’s generosity disturbed the conscience of some. Do not think that those who made 1,001 excuses to avoid reaching out a helping hand to people in need are very happy with Turkey’s humanitarian policies. Yet, there are also those who are grateful to Turkey with the fear that if it weren’t for Turkey, the migration wave would have reached them. However, there are also many that have their eyes on the status Turkey earned in recent years through its humanitarian politics.

“Just as they do not help themselves, they will feel annoyed by your help.” Because you helping reminds them that they should help too, and tells them that the poor have a right over their own properties, and this disturbs them greatly.

The hospitality demonstrated by both the Turkish state and people with respect to the 3.5 million Syrians hosted by Turkey for the last eight years is a true source of pride for Turkey worldwide.

It is an epic national feat. The way this event, which were it to happen in any different community could have led to very deep sociological and political problems, has unfolded in Turkey is a true story of success and national virtue.

However, for some, this national success story is too much for Turkey. They are trying to strike Turkey through its strongest, brightest and most valuable aspect.

We saw two days ago the sort of disaster that could take place due to the racist provocations started by those who have recently been acting with this very intention. When elderly figures that have worked as deputy irresponsibly spread an entirely untrue rumor on social media, stating that “Syrians abused a little girl in Küçükçekmece,” as if calling people to a lavish attack, it was about to lead to a complete social disaster.

Even after it became clear that the news was completely untrue, the reckless demonstration of racist hate speech through social media did not stop.

The keywords to all hate expressions became “shisha” and “beaches.” These two elements are fixed while others are variable in pictures frozen in the minds of the racist that hate Syrians.

As campaigns by Klu Klux Klan wannabe racists continue on social media, which are far from the spirit, honor, dignity, and patriotism of being Turkish, a Syrian student and writer, Mahut Hacali, posted a series of very meaningful tweets through the account @mahmuthacali, especially in reference to those saying they should not flee war and go back to their country to fight. His posts are as follows:

“We Syrians are not cowards, we have about 1 million martyrs until now, we also have 2 million injured, more than 1 million arrested, and the rest are refugees, what more can we do?

You tell us to fight, but we have no weapons, and anyway, our state is the one killing us!! They are killing us, people without weapons, with aircraft. You tell us to fight, but who are we going to fight against? Are we going to fight against Assad, Russia, Iran, the U.S., Israel and the Arabs??!!

We have no weapons, no weapons, we have no power… How are we going to fight??!! Those who lost their jobs, homes, children, family and money left the country and became refugees.

Right now, Syrians are fighting to stay alive, if they leave here, they are going to go to death.

Send away those causing problems and those causing disorder sent by Assad, yet if you say all Syrians are the same, you are wrongly accusing an entire nation. Assad is sending his men to Turkey and they are provoking the Turkish people to rise against Syrians.

We know this and we know to respect. We are not ones to do evil in response to hospitality. Let us chase those causing the disorder. We have already seen how caring the Turkish people are in terms of hospitality. We are not ones to sell off for some money.

Just as we fought side by side with Veteran Mustafa Atatürk in Çanakkale, in the Siege of Kut al-Amara, and Libya, we know patriotism.

We are not after your food, we are not going to replace you in your jobs; just as you embraced us, we love you and Turkey.

We are not going to do evil to your nation, land and people.

Let us together expose those among us that are causing disorder and find out their aims.”

These series of messages drew numerous positive and negative comments. One of the positive comments deeply apologized in the name of our citizens that forced him to talk this way.

Our friend İsmail Kılıçarslan gave the most striking response that could express this feeling: “…let us say they went back to their country to fight. Who are they going to fight against? This is a civil war. Are you aware that you are asking a man who has refused to fight against his neighbor, brother, friend, “Why are you not fighting?”? Despite this, this country has close to 1 million dead, almost 2 million injured, and more than 1 million arrested. Are you crazy?”

For example, saying “I cannot tolerate these people enjoying themselves at beaches while smoking “shisha” in “my country,” in “my homeland” while “my soldiers” are becoming martyrs.” Does the way the racists lay claim to “Turkish troops” and the “homeland” not show how far it is from the ideal of Turkish troops and homeland?

Their crime of racism and hate is so grave that it makes one lose the right to own even an inch of land in this world.

After all, what makes a homeland a homeland is, before anything else, is the people’s humanitarian-spiritual values. It is the blood of those martyrs that renders any land a homeland by watering these soils to protect the oppressed and for the sake of spreading the word of God. Racist couch grass will not grow on this land, which is watered with the blood of martyrs.


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