How can something that begins with a coup and terror end with democracy?

Looking at the latest policies of EU countries and the U.S. against Turkey and, generally, in the Middle East, it becomes totally clear that the West’s preference for Turkey and the entire Muslim world is not democracy, but dictatorship. Labeling true democracy experiences as they wish, showing them to be incompatible with democratic values to keep them under the pressure of legitimacy, is recorded as nothing other than a performance of hypocrisy.

In this performance, Germany has already exceeded itself. As it complains of the democracy in Turkey, it does not even hesitate from blatantly playing its new role for all sorts of terrorist activities against Turkey. Turkey has not deviated from democracy even in the slightest, yet, obviously the results they desire for the democracy in Turkey are results that can easily be replaced with terror activities. Those terrorist organizations, which they do not hesitate to overtly support, to drag Turkey to the kind of democracy line they envisage, are the perpetrators of the coup and terror processes directly targeting the democratic order, the people’s will, calm, life safety, freedom and peace in Turkey.

Today, we have really come to wonder the answer to this question: After a country within Europe’s democratization strategies moves away from democracy, are military coups against it supported, or are efforts made to weaken it through terrorist activities to make it ineffective?

Could the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which says, “All ends justify the means,” have adopted this principle, its measure, directly from Europe? If this is the case, then the democracy it demands of Turkey is founded on a coup, fascism, massacres, murders, terrorism as well as all kinds of atrocities. How could something that begins with a coup and terror end with democracy?

The beginning and end of the democracy line adopted by Turkey today is clear. It is a process whose beginning, middle and end are all democracy. There has to be an explanation to why Germany is harboring Adil Öksüz, one of the most important names of an organization that organized a military coup to destroy the democracy in Turkey, providing comfort and security for him in their own territory. This cannot be simply regarded as a humanitarian right to asylum that is provided to the people who flee from an oppressive country that has deviated from democracy. Germany is a country that has linked the rule that a Nazi officer cannot live in any point of Europe today, even 60 years after the crimes he committed, to the law and humanity criteria. Not forgetting the opportunities that same Germany is providing to members of an organization that has committed a crime against democracy and humanity in Turkey, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists; we know based on which reasons and measures it is abetting them. Germany’s current attitude is actually making clear by day the background of all the attacks Turkey has faced by FETÖ and the PKK since the Gezi Park events. By insisting on harboring FETÖ, PKK and Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) terrorists, it allows itself to appear as their owner. It might not be alone in this ownership, but Germany seems to have made this ownership a little more apparent.

This situation is an explicit picture that the terrorist activities in Turkey, particularly PKK terror, actually has nothing to do with Turkey’s internal problems. If that were the case, the PKK, which has no reason nor excuse left in the face of all the steps taken in the Kurdish question issue in the last decade, should have been finished. Yet, the PKK further intensified its terrorism at the same rate in which Turkey reached a solution in the Kurdish issue, and has almost become even more aggravated against the Turkish-Kurdish bonding in the country.

As a matter of fact, it is understood better that PKK is not the one aggravated but rather the masters behind it. The PKK’s masters are in no way the Kurds and, the PKK, of course, in this state, is in no way serving or representing the Kurds. On the contrary, the PKK, which is making life a little more unbearable with every move, knows well in whose name and at what price it is doing this.

Unfortunately, the PKK is held subject to a different treatment at the academic and intellectual level, with or despite its terrorism, with strong PR support from its Western masters. The dynamics of this at the rhetorical power relations level are clear. The Western point of view is a good curtain over our academic-intellectual eyes, allowing us to look at it congenially.

While long-haired girls carrying Kalashnikovs are used to decorate the pages in newspapers like pinup beauties, it explains that the characterization of terrorism is not a matter of principle, it ultimately consists of a simple issue of presentation. Those who are against “certain terrorists,” not “terrorism,” can of course, never end the terror problem.

The attitude taken against terrorism around the world has become an interesting area where hypocrisy is displayed in this sense. Those who take action against Daesh, saying it is terrorism, stand back from characterizing the PKK as a terrorist organization and, show that their problem is not terrorism, but merely the obstacles in front of them. Obviously this hypocrisy further breeds terrorism. It prevents it from being completely eliminated.

Terrorism needs to be opposed without falling into this conflict.

The memorandum published by certain academics, intelligentsia and civil society activists in recent days against the hegemony of this Western-academic-intellectual rhetoric that supports terrorism should be paid attention to. The memorandum text and a full list of the signatures can be found at The memorandum particularly points out that PKK terrorism, especially the attacks targeting teachers, security officers, civil politicians and workers in recent months, is the violation of the right to live and work. It highlights how the organization that raids worksites, drives away the workers, kills them, burns work machines to prevent the service from reaching the people in response to the Kurdish people’s road, food, work, health, service and quality life demands, is also sabotaging work life and the development of predominantly Kurdish regions and says:

“We want the terrorism that is preventing our nation’s liberal right to venture, their right to live, work and do politics to stop at once. The violence targeting the teachers wanting to educate our children, civil politicians, civilians, all workers working on dams and roads, providing education and health services also targets our entire nation. We condemn the PKK terrorist organization, which does not want Turkey to develop, improve, its workers to live a life befitting human dignity, and civil politics…

“…we are taking note of certain work and profession organizations, which always talk about democracy and human rights, and academics who remain silent in the face of the PKK’s massacres.

“We call upon international union organizations, human rights organizations and the EU to be responsive toward these massacres that are not included in the agenda and reports of international union organizations and the EU.”