'If you want peace, you need to walk to Qandil, not Cizre' - YASIN AKTAY

'If you want peace, you need to walk to Qandil, not Cizre'

We wrote about the Nationalist Movement Party's (MHP) dangerous dance with the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP). It's obvious that this is a dance pre-planned by both parties. Actually, when we say the HDP, it would no longer be wrong to comprehend this completely as being the PKK. Because the HDP is a party that has gifted its political existence to the PKK's armed existence.

Unfortunately, the HDP entering Parliament after the June 7 elections by ignoring the HDP's weapon option, an opportunity that will bring politics to the forefront and, hence, allow the expression and representation of even the most radical opinions in Parliament and other political platforms to help drive their cause, led to the completely opposite conclusion. The HDP doesn't believe in politics, so there is no reason for it to expand the area of politics. All of the HDP's election rallies to date were carried out personally by the PKK, with its armed forces. That is why it was not possible for the HDP to see itself in a position to give advice to the PKK as it was heavily indebted to the PKK.

Despite this, the call of the high society resident of Cihangir, Doğan media outlets as a show of democracy for the PKK to "take their hands off the trigger" and "silence the guns" were immediately rejected by Qandil with a scolding. After this point, it would have been expected for the HDP to have lost all hope in itself to become a political party, but for our high society in Cihangir and Doğan media and especially for Nazlı Ilıcak, there is always hope in the HDP.

Sadly, this hope is not the hope that the HDP will eventually stand against the PKK's murders that eliminate the political zone and sanctify violence. This is the hope that with the talents of the armed organization behind the HDP, they can defame President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and make him lose the elections.

Of course, one can always hope. They can always hope to oust Erdoğan through the HDPKK. But they should not try to feed the same hope to this nation.

For a while now, like a broken record, Nazlı Ilıcak has been constantly presenting as treason some of the things said by pro-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) circles during the reconciliation process for the sake of a possible dialogue, integration and fusion among the people of this country as a gain of the reconciliation process. Of course, she is ignoring in what context and under what conditions these words were said. However, despite these efforts, she also presents the ending of the reconciliation process like a betrayal.

The poor thing should make a decision already; was the reconciliation process a betrayal or the ending of the process? If the reconciliation process and the rhetoric that comply with the spirit of this process were wrong, shouldn't it be considered that it's never too late to end the reconciliation process?

But no, while Ms. Ilıcak considers the reconciliation process a loss, she also says that the ending of the process is a war of the Palace and at a time when news is received of one martyr after another, the PKK is attacking this country in the most despicable and severest form of betrayal, she says she will vote for the HDP. Of course, she is not the only one doing this. There are tens of people out there simultaneously repeating similar pieces with a kind of robot writer performance.

This is a state of insanity. For some, Erdoğan's name alone is enough to make them go crazy. However, everything that is being said and done is neither logical nor things that can be done by one who has a grain of concern for the nation and country.

Even though it's true that the reconciliation process ended with the brutal martyrdom of two police officers, it's not true that it ended merely with the killing of two police officers, while everything was a bed of roses and the PKK had kept all its promises. The murder of the two police was the final straw. If this, too, were tolerated, then it would mean the authority of the state in Turkey has reached a point where it will be completely questioned. During the reconciliation process, all that was expected of the PKK was for it to abandon arms and send all armed elements abroad. This was the most important prerequisite for continuing the process. But just as though the PKK failed to remove its armed elements, it actually increased its armed elements by the day. This doesn't mean that some things have been tolerated or overlooked for the sake of the reconciliation process. The reconciliation process had a nature and the fact that no blood was shed in this country for exactly two-and-a-half years is a great gain. At the same time, there is no part that can't be understood of evaluating the possibility that this could be solved another way for the sake of respect to the lives of the youth of this country and their parents. The consideration of this possibility deserves all kind of appreciation as an expression of the respect toward life, peace, brotherhood and Turkey unity and oneness.

However, the PKK did not have to abuse this process. But after everybody clearly saw that it was abused, not intervening would be against the reason for the state's existence.

During this process, the HDP is rapidly reaching a point that it can no longer be shown understanding for not being able to influence the PKK. On the contrary, it is very clear that the PKK is very easily able to influence the HDP and sees it as a tool in its program that it can use wherever it wants. Wherever the military intervenes in the PKK's terror attacks, HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş walks there to stop this intervention and render its legitimacy debatable. You would think he is actually a freedom walker. But just as Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu called to him very much on the mark, "If you want peace so much, then you need to walk to Qandil, not Cizre or Diyarbakır," because it is Qandil that has made it clear today that it never believed in peace during the reconciliation process; on the contrary, it used all that time to prepare for war.


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