Israel"s Aggression and the Condition of the Islamic World - YASIN AKTAY

Israel"s Aggression and the Condition of the Islamic World

As we approach the middle of the Ramadan month, the condition of the Islamic world is heart breaking. All over, because of the hot conflicts, every day an average of hundreds of people are dying, hundreds more are wounded and thousands are deterritorialized.

Definitely foreign powers had something to do with this, but, all in all, these killings are being done by the hands of Muslims.

Sadly, as much as the fighting elements in all the war regions are being supported by some western powers, these elements are being provoked by some Muslim countries. Actually, Iran, Syria and Yemen are the stage for the war between the Gulf countries and Iran. These countries are settling accounts with each other by transforming these other countries into a blood bath.

Of course, whether these countries are carrying out these wars in their own names or whether this war has another owner, is always a right and valid question. Did the Gulf countries sponsor the coup in Egypt in their names or did they do it by the enforcement of the club they belong to?

How can Iran fall on the same side with Saudi Arabia at Yemen, who is trying to achieve consistency by supporting Husis and covered a long distance in this sense in the recent times? This rare moment, in which these two countries can form an alliance, is causing an Islamic country, which is advancing peacefully in a good path, to drift towards war again.

The recent happenings in these countries are showing that massive obstacles that are preventing the Islamic world from being a "world" are more complicated then they seem and the inner and external resistance against this is more than it"s assumed.

Besides, we are encountering the existence of different instruments, which can be mobilized by this resistance, daily.

While the Islamic world is under the effect of a sedition storm and the internal disintegration, Israel takes the stage to present his own classic. The excuse found for attacking Gaza this time is the discovery of three kidnapped children"s dead bodies. Even though Hamas had declared that they had nothing to do with this incident, on top of that, despite the Jewish settlers taking revenge by kidnapping and massacring an innocent Palestinian child, Israel had started one of its routine attacks – intense bombardment on Gaza – while disregarding that we are in Ramadan.

Until now, the death count is over a hundred and the wounded count is in the hundreds. Israel succeeds in making Gaza"s retaliatory rocket attacks look like a victimhood story to the world.

The reply to these rockets, which fall on farms and don"t have much effect, was the Israeli"s pouring down death on Palestinian civilians, whom are already living in detention camps for years.

It"s remarkable that this asymmetric aggression event is coinciding with the time and agreement that has been made between Hamas and Al-Fatih. Israel had already stated from the beginning that they do not acknowledge this agreement, yet they had to create an excuse in order to make a move.

Of course, the three kidnapped Israeli children cannot be counted as rightfulness but it will be enough for an excuse.

Anyhow, the story of an itchy-headed Israeli child, which is shined by BBC and CNN, is always more attractive than the terrible deaths of hundreds of Palestinian children and their pains and stories.

Forcing Hamas to reply with these attacks, nobody pays attention to Israel"s aggression and the people it killed but rather they focus on the rockets thrown by Hamas. In this way, Israel is relaunching Hamas to the world as a terrorist that cannot be discussed with. During the past attacks of Israel, it wasn"t possible for the Islamic world to raise their voices effectively, on the contrary to the whole world"s silence. However, this time the unresponsiveness of the Islamic world is more remarkable. The Islamic collaboration organization had gathered at Jeddah with an extraordinary agenda. However, waiting for this organization, which doesn"t include any solution or intervention related with the deadly conflicts between their ranks, to raise an effective voice for defending Palestine is futile. It"s obvious that the disorder inside the Islamic world is encouraging Israel"s aggression more and whetting its appetite. Also, remember the reality, that the occupation of Muslims with one another is the strategical objective of Israel"s international politics.

Wait and see how these happenings will be regarded…


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