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Like a verse from the Quran: the child washed ashore

For the eyes that see, there are many things happening around us that can make our inner conscious sensitive, remind us that we have responsibilities towards the things that occur around us and wake us up from the overwhelming carelessness that we are in.

The most important thing that depletes our bewilderedness and our sense of responsibility is the absence of our gratitude.

After a while, we start to take for granted, every moment of our life which is actually a miracle, seeing it as our personal acquisition. We deem the breaths we give and take as ours anyway. As long as we don't have to comprehend the reality “health is better than wealth” through the experiences we endure, we continue to believe everything is under our possession anyway.

Whereas, every breath we give and take is actually a miracle. We believe the blessings we are granted are because of us, until we come across a great reality, a miracle; then we realize that we are “nothing”.

We act as if everything is ours; thus, when we share it, we throw it in their face. There is no reason to rub it in. God grants blessings and tests whether we will endow to someone in need.

Startling us when it happens once, when an incident repeats itself and routinizes, we become jaded to it. Until murders turn into massacres and massacres into inhumane genocide our hearts are hardened and numb.

And then an incident happens, an incident which isn't worse than others, but which hits us hard in the face with its fright. Whether we like it or not, we have witnessed it.

You can call this a “verse” if you wish

That “verse” brings everything to daylight and clearly rubs it into our faces. It sheds light onto the darkness, helps us perceive oppression as oppression, and reminds us of our blindness against this suppression and our responsibilities towards it. More than 400,000 people have lost their lives; tens of thousands of them with similar deaths to the Kurdish Aylan, others with barrel bombs or gas attacks, or directly with bombs and bullets. All of this happened before our eyes, but never caused an up rise in our conscience. Not one of them made us aware of our responsibility, until we saw the tragic death of Aylan. Children die every day in Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Libya and Yemen. They die as the unfortunate victims of despicable payoffs. These payoffs are the payoffs of man. Man that is ignorant enough to think that he will remain in this world eternally. Those who plan and carry out these payoffs get the courage from others that are impertinent enough not to stop them and remain silent instead. They then start to see this as their right, and perceive their oppression and power balance as normal.

God offered the duty he gave to man, to the mountains, rocks and skies first. Yet, they were frightened, and thus refused to take it, as it was too much of a burden. It was man who took this consignment, because man is ignorant. Humans believe they deserve everything; they are utterly entitled to everything, and thus are dragged into such corruption because of this attitude. They subtly hide their arrogance and pride under fancy concepts they utter; human rights, humanism, contemporary values. Many violations of rights, crimes against humanity and genocides are hidden under the shadow of these fancy concepts, and rationalism plays many tricks to justify each one of them.

However, a moment comes, in which all this tyranny, hypocrisy, and ignorance is rubbed into man's face with a photograph, just as clear as a verse from the holy book.

The photograph of a little boy's lifeless body washed ashore, not only reveals the human tragedy and the deaths of more than 400,000 Syrians but; the unresponsiveness of the civilized world, the unaccommodating attitude of man and how he is death and blind to all the oppression happening in the world.

Yet, this unfortunate moment enlightens those who are ready to take a lesson from such a tragedy. A verse illuminates darkness and rubs the truth in our faces, but still isn't enough to end the ignorance and foolishness of some. Moreover, a verse can even increase the carelessness, blindness and tenacity of those who don't want to learn a lesson.

Those who have been criticizing the government for housing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, and proudly promising that they will send all refugees back to their war torn country, during their election rounds, are now trying to attack AK Party using the lifeless body of Aylan. This disgusting attitude they show makes one cry uncle. This attitude makes one ashamed of being human.

Turkey has housed approximately 2 million refugees with its open door policy, whereas Europe has closed its doors to the human crisis and the refugees in order to stay in its comfort zone. The lifeless body of Aylan washed ashore has taught an unforgettable lesson to many who have been criticizing the open door policy Turkey has.


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