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Loyalty in politics and agape

Last month the developments in Turkey for many people in Turkey and the whole world made it indispensable to appeal to the term "new Turkey". There is no doubt that after a quite dodgy year Turkey has been renewed, refreshed and achieved a highly accelerated speed for a straightforward move towards the future.

After 13 years and 17 days from the establishment of AK Party, and after 11 years and 6 months of its strong, charismatic leadership along with the extra ordinary leadership of his chairmanship, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan crowned this success by acquiring possibly the highest political position, the seat of the presidency.

After being elected for this position, at the peak of his political leadership, he was able to increase his vote range up to 52%. There is no better indicator explaining why he deserves a major share on the political movement coming behind other than this mere fact.

But there is no doubt that the better manifestation of such a political leadership quality of his and the grant of this right to him was best staged when he was handing over the chairmanship, which he referred to as "my greatest love". In the party administration, his manner of governing the election through consultation and completion in the same way was such a gentle and unprecedented gesture in the history of Turkish politics that it is hardly a repeatable one.

Of course, the name of Ahmet Davudoglu was an indubitable name except only among few people and indeed, it was one of the most convenient names for the position. However, in as much Davutoglu was deserving of this position, the leadership, which administered his advance to this position in an impeccable way, had gained many pluses too. The Turkish political life ( in fact, the political life of other countries is not so much different) operates under a kind of norm which does not appreciate the will for assembling strong figures around the strong leaders.

Therefore, if by chance a strong leader emerges in a party, it is quite rare that a secondary person can exist around him. Thus, in general, such movements endure with their leaders and once the leader withdraws, the movement collapses either due to the disappearance of the movement or the fervent competition among the successors.

However, AK Party under the leadership of Erdogan per se and owing to his preferences has been a team of stars from the onset. Let alone obstructing the path of the skilled people, it operates under a meritocratic principle whereby they are assessed in the best way. Of course, another dimension of this secret is that the adherents and the skilled, prominent figures of the movement do not consider the movement as an area of career but a mission and regard it a matter of agape and faithfulness to their cause, agreements.

Since last month, especially in the handover of prime ministry and chairmanship and in the aftermath of it, we have been observing such a delightful political spectacle.

It seems that politics may well teach certain values to its spectators and remind them these values as well! It seems that faithfulness in politics brings fruitful and productive results in favor of people.

Owing to politics, people may transcend the narrow horizons of their own egocentric, selfish, opportunistic meaning world. Owing to politics, certain fixed points may well change and solid rocks can be melted. Owing to politics, the fate of the world and the unfortunate destiny of the oppressed can be altered. Thanks to the AK Party"s extra-ordinary congress, I wish I would be able to narrate here the impressions of those coming from abroad and impressions of the audience.

Many of those were stating that the conversation between Erdogan and Davutoglu should be taken as a textual source of reference for the upcoming political insights.

Among them were also those who argued that even the completion of the transition in such a perfect way raised their great expectations for the Islamic world. A Muslim politician participating from England was saying that they were regarding Turkey and, of course, the practice of AK Party as their best card to play for the Muslims in Europe in counteracting criticisms.

However, what I have heard and surprised me the most is that they both cited Erdogan and Davutoglu"s struggle in the line and heritage of Erdogan and how that struggle gladdened and pleased them.

They were all aware of the reasons why AK Party broke up with Erbakan and they found AK Party right on this. Despite that, the commemoration of Erbakan by AK Party on such a day was considered a special tribute in being faithful.

In the attitude of faithfulness, politics achieves a meaning that is worth to sweating labor and tears. We are not talking in vain when we say AK Party"s cause is a faithful- and agape-based one.

It is no doubt that these values will guide the way all over the renewed AK Party teams which shouldered the responsibility for the new Turkey


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