MHP's dangerous dance with HDP - YASIN AKTAY

MHP's dangerous dance with HDP

Before I could even learn the details of the PKK's ambush and trap-filled treacherous attack in Dağlıca, we received news of the attack in Iğdır, just as treacherous as the other, leading to the martyrdom of 13 police in a mine attack.

These despicable attacks by the terrorist organization recently seem to have aroused small-scale fear in the Western world - which favors them very much. There has been a slight awakening that these terrorists who have killed 29 people in two days are not normal people who put on make-up, live their ordinary lives and fall in love as romanticized in the documentaries.

Furthermore, nobody should expect us to believe that the terrorist organization is carrying out all these actions without the support of various actors, including Westerners among them. "Foreign fighters" fighting in the PKK's ranks make up one of the dirtiest sides of this dirty war. However, when the matter of where, how and through who the terrorist organization obtained tons of state-of-the-art technology explosives is scrutinized, many relationships are found. The main point to focus on here is the logistical-morale support both politicians and media are providing to these terrorist incidents.

Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan says Aydın Doğan and Fethullah Gülen-owned media outlets are acting almost like a silencer, and it is an on-target likening.

These Turkish media outlets are doing much worse than the forgery displayed by BBC when romanticizing bloody-handed terrorist women. This front of the media, which should be a part and an active agent of a complete social conciliation across the country against the PKK and its terrorist activities that despicably martyred tens of our soldiers in a day, is shooting the same target as terror: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) buildings burned during demonstrations held in various parts of the country after the attacks, and actions, such as identity checks, road blocking for number plate checks, show that the reaction to follow terrorist attacks are planned to the minutest detail.

The form of demonstration that the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) followers are trying to develop over the funerals of martyrs, simply presents a concerning state regarding the MHP's vision regarding Turkish politics. Martyr funerals, deaths and the deaths of soldiers and police in particular are never sources of grief for the MHP. The PKK kills while the MHP receives these deaths with two-faced crocodile tears, but with great happiness on the inside. The demonstrations made at funerals are not expressions of pain, grief or care of the martyrs' death, but a display in all its filth and ugliness of their opportunism which sees the martyr as a tool for political gain.

Nobody recalls any suggestion by the MHP aimed at this country's politics, to solving problems. The oppositional, "no" attitude it displayed in coalition talks was against a party's political ontology as all political parties' primary and eventual aim is to come to power and fulfill its promises. As Tuğrul Türkeş reminded us, in the 1970s Alparslan Türkeş formed a coalition with three deputies, providing many gains for the nationalists. Yet the sole vision MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli puts forth to the MHP and nationalist circle is the votes they can garner by boosting the anger caused by martyr funerals. Whereas, once that anger explodes, neither will there be a healthy society remaining nor the MHP. The gain they have set their sights on is none other than a conflict environment that will make it impossible to keep a country together. It is a known fact that the main aim of PKK attacks is to make it impossible for the Kurdish people who have been living together in the region with other social elements for thousands of years to continue living together. The only structure to profit from these elements, especially Turkish and Kurdish elements, that have never socially excluded one another, going against each other, is the terrorist organization PKK. It is quite clear that with the incidents it organized and its "no" politics, the MHP is caught in the PKK's dead water.

Suggesting "martial law" after so much "no" politics is actually a lower state of denying its own political existence. This showed us that they are choosing the easy way by wanting to transfer their job to the military, thinking that they will never be asked any question as to what they do in politics, what good they are.

After all this contribution to the image of a country that even anti-terrorism can't unite, I am curious what the MHP's understanding is of nationalism or statism. Does Bahçeli have a prescription to keep this nation united in love or peace? If you are so against the terrorist organization, shouldn't you be supporting the fight all of Turkey's armed elements are giving against terrorism at a time when terrorism is on the rise? Are you not aware that with each action or word, you are going to break the ambition to fight terrorism and make the PKK happy? Really, which country or nation's nationalist are you?


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