Of what concern are Arabs and Islam to the Arab League? - YASIN AKTAY

Of what concern are Arabs and Islam to the Arab League?

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to conquer the economic and political problems in his own country by investing in turning them into interfaith conflicts and tensions, which are not limited to France alone. He is trying to stir up anti-Islam sentiment in all of Europe with his obstinent and provocative bigotry. We had previously remarked that though he is striving to embark upon this adventure and provoke the Western world, he has not yet received any support other than from a few far-right groups. However, it also unfortunate that nobody in Europe sees through his dirty and dangerous plot sufficiently to react.

Had a fraction of his overt anti-Muslim rage and hate discourse been targeted at Jews, the whole world would have long raised hell by now, calling it out as anti-Semitism. The slightest empathy – not much – will help see that the actions against Muslims are much more dangerous than any anti-Semitic discourse. Hurting the entire Muslim population, which comprises of 1.7 billion people; using the actions of a few ignorant, provocative Muslims as an excuse; very well knowing that cartoons of the holy prophet clearly signify anti-Muslim sentiment; turning such actions that will provoke fury, hostility and animosity against them into a state policy by reflecting it on official state buildings; and shamelessly including these actions within the scope of “freedom of expression” signifies one thing: opening a front against all Muslims.

We are well aware that France does not provide unlimited freedom of expression. As a matter of fact, when Macron not too long ago publicly berated a French journalist during his visit to Lebanon following the explosion in Beirut, for implicating him, he had shown a clear limit to the freedom of expression.

As a more general exception, for example, there is no freedom nor the slightest tolerance against any anti-Semitic expression. This allows us the opportunity to better comprehend that the total humanitarian philosophies developed with respect to anti-Semitic discourses are not at all universal, and when we dig deeper, we understand that it is based on an extremely racist and chauvinistic sensitivity. In fact, upon learning Muslims’ sensitivities, these sensitivities are disregarded and considered both primitive and irrelevant, and thus, in an attempt to give Muslims a hard time, aiming to level them, to educate them, arrogance and aggression are also adopted.

Such an aggression will inevitably lead to a larger degree of sensitivity and unity among the Muslims.

Attacks give rise to and strengthen the sense of unity. This is the most basic rule of group sociology. A sense of unity that emerges with attacks will also produce valor, which becomes difficult to control for the other side.

Hence, it is dangerous to arouse this, but once an attack occurs, it is impossible to remain indifferent to it.

The strongest voice in the Muslim world against Macron’s attacks was raised by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We had mentioned that the lack of a reaction, especially the Arab countries, to the attacks on Islam’s sacred values-- apart from Pakistan, Kuwait, and Qatar-- shows that these silent countries are under occupation. The lack of a reaction from the countries ruled by those who have Arab names but are occupied by French colonialism is nothing out of the ordinary these days.

For example, you must have heard the remarks by the Arab League’s Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit. While he was expected to speak up against the attacks on Arabs and Muslims’ sacred values, he instead expressed his joy about the troubles Turkey would encounter. According to Gheit, the troubles refer to “France,” and Turkey is preparing its own end by confronting such a big state.

While recounting this event during one of his speeches like glad tidings, he made no mention of Macron’s insolent anti-Islam discourse, yet he continues to blame Turkey for intervening in Arabs’ internal affairs in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

We had said it before: The Arab League has nothing to do with Arabs or Islam. It has no concern or respect for the real problems experienced by Muslims and Arabs. For them, Arabs and Muslims signify nothing other than a power domain. They can kill them as they wish, violate them, and present their lives, dignity, possessions, and countries on silver platters to the imperialists.

A little digging into Gheit’s past records recalls the unforgettable image of him with Israel’s then-Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni two days prior to Israel’s air raids on Gaza on Dec. 25, 2008. Back then, holding former Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit’s hand, Livni had declared from the heart of the Egyptian Palace that they had waged war against Gaza.

Is it not clear why the Arab League secretary, who puts Palestinian, Muslim lives, possessions and honor at the disposal of Zionists and the French, is slamming Turkey for intervening in Arab affairs?

This is the case because, sadly, neither Muslims nor Arabs have any other representation today. Those claiming to represent them are doing nothing other than betray them. Turkey is drawing the line on betrayal, and the disturbance it is thus causing is obvious. However, the great pleasure Turkey’s interventions give to all Muslims and Arabs is as clear as day.


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