Right at this point of the song, we needed a Davut-ish sound - YASIN AKTAY

Right at this point of the song, we needed a Davut-ish sound

AK Party is a party which has been administering Turkey all alone for 12 years. It"s possible to say that, as things stand, AK Party had made contributions to Turkey"s political history that has revolutionary quality. Before anything else, by winning consecutive elections, aside from increasing their votes every time, and in the sense of staying alone in the rulership, surely they are the first. With this specialty, AK Party had shown us that there could be a loyalty relationship or value, beyond the absolute politics, between the party and the voter, and that it could very well have validity.

While AK Party is representing their voters or sociological base with complete loyalty within this equilibrium, on the other hand they had led the transformation without carrying a Jacobean supremacy over the same sociological base. In this way, it had also presented an utmost unique model related to a political party"s relationship with its own sociological base. It also had a quite important effect on the political horizons, stances and targets of these segments, which are also completing their urbanization and reaching the middle class. The cultural and political aspects of this transformation should be dwelled upon. In fact, even academic theses on this absolute aspect are sufficient. We can also say that AK Party, being a party that has the largest, spread network with the world out of all the other Turkish parties and possessing an impact area, had opened a separate lane. It could be said that while pursuing diplomacy on its behalf, AK Party is also forming a separate and strong opportunity. One of the unique sides of AK Party is that despite being the rulership, it is competing with itself by doing what the opposition is supposed to be doing. Almost by opposing its own rulership, it became successful in pushing itself further and better. Maybe this was something forced by the gap, which is created by the opposition"s breach of duty, but also maybe by not leaving a field for the opposition, it had paved the way for a lack of formation of a functional opposition.

Without a doubt, this is a quite different research matter, but also in this field, it''s clear that AK Party had performed a separate distinctness. Another one of AK Party"s unique sides is, being a party, whose movements and politics is being watched with interest all over the world, and, which possess the most common effect of the Turkish political history on an international level. Ahmet Davutoglu had explained this situation as "Turkey"s rise and AK Party"s rise is identified with one another and cannot be separated", and these words are summarizing AK Party"s individuality in this matter. One of the individual traits brought to our political lives by AK Party is that they had connected the equilibrium formed between the tradition and renewal with a corporation mainstream. After the transformation of the three period rule into a custom, the equilibrium of renewal within the party would be ensured in a vast scale, but also a dynamism, in which the experience and tradition is not being excluded, on the contrary, by redounding a fresh blood the tradition in each phase it is being revived.

We had seen another typical manifestation of AK Party"s unique side yesterday at the announcement of Ahmet Davutoglu as the Prime Minister and Chairman candidate by the leader of the party, 12th President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This scene had been experienced 7 years ago, as Erdogan announced Abdullah Gül as the Presidential candidate in person. Principally, the distinctness, which actualizes these scenes, springs from AK Party being a multiple cause party rather than a career and personal prosperity movement. As a party that had reached a 52% success, still being able to pass this phase comfortably, while choosing a chairman and a prime minister, presents the power and distinctness of the party.

Without a doubt, the most important source of this power is the leadership, but also leadership"s biggest power is originating from listening to the common sense within the party and evaluating it exceptionally, with the importance it gives to the consultation principle.

The person, pointed out by that sense in the current situation, is also pointing out the splendid compatibility between the sociological base of the party and the personal characteristics he possesses. A transformation during the phase is predestined, but conducting this transformation in harmony does not seem to b possible in every establishment. Erdogan becoming the President after Abdullah Gül, and Davutoglu becoming the AK Party Chairman and Prime Minister after Erdogan, is almost reflecting the perfect harmony in an outstanding musical work.

In 2007, when the possibility of Abdullah Gül not being the president had appeared, we had said "this song will not end this way", because within that context right at the part of the song Gül"s presidency was foreordained.

In this current situation, right at this part of the song you are listening to, a Davut-ish, or fully resonant, bass sound will be performing a flawless harmony.


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