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Sincerely, the 13th anniversary of AK Party

August 14 is the 13th anniversary of AK Party"s foundation, which at the same time corresponds to the first anniversary of the slaughter in Rabaa Square, Cairo. Including the first election, which it won only a while after its foundation, it indisputably achieved victory with all nine elections. AK Party therefore became the strongest actor, who represented freedom of people in this country, and the steady rise of their wealth and honor level.

For the last 12 years, the outstanding side of the ruling authority AK Party is its strong and charismatic leader. However, the strong side of this leader is his sincerity and his correct standpoint. In addition to these, he possesses strong organization skills and a capacity for recruiting the right figures for the right places.

Several sociological assessments can be done on these topics in details. However, there is one more thing that outweighs all importance. The sincerity of the leader to his cause, colleagues and his supporters. Erdogan"s sincerity went to the extent that Tanil Bora from Birikim found this sincerity too much. He was pointing out the discourse of sincerity in his tone and said, "What is this sincerity all about?" He underestimated the value of sincerity in politics and its function as meaningless and nonsense.

Since it is due time, perhaps what must be underlined for the left wing -- in order to learn a good lesson -- is what the lack of sincerity may lead to in politics. Why would a political movement complain about sincerity? This is an unreasonable thing.

In Erdogan"s politics, discourse, attitude the word sincerity is forced or in other words, it"s not a kind of sincerity played in the stage until the goal is achieved. If it were like that, that would not be sincerity. Sincerity does not mean to believe in Erdogan"s every word and disbelief does not require pursuing an alternative ideology. This side of him helps Erdogan set the bridges with people quite easily, because humans find countenance in this sincerity. They certainly believe that this person won"t deceive them at any rate and join his convoy with enthusiasm.

However, when you deduct sincerity from politics, you are taking it back to a machievallist instrument-end balance only. Aren''t we watching on TV news every day what this type of behavior or model handed down to the country?

When sincerity is dysfunctional, you can find many tools even in the field of theology to please your desires or goals. Therefore, some people may discover the dazzling political power of the conservatism as an opportunity to move the leftist block up to the authority level and from thereon they create their own "left-theology".

I don"t know what kind of authority-strategy comes out of the leftist theology, but it is clearly apparent that in every theology the main issue is sincerity towards God. This is of course another topic but let us continue to this in remembrance note.

In short, the most distinguishing aspect of Erdogan in politics is his sincerity, which he has been acting with for the last 13 years, which is the most important thing he will hand over to AK Party. Sincerity is faith coming from heart. It is a commitment. When God"s Messenger said, "Religion is sincerity." His companions asked him, "Sincerity towards whom?" He replied "Sincerity towards God, his messenger and all the believers". For those who do not usually think sincerity with politics together, we recommend them to review their ideas in this framework.

AK Party as the opponent in the authority.

All the victories of AK Party come from this aspect of sincerity. Its loyalty is notable in performing its promises to its electors that were given prior to the elections. You can find a full coherence between its promises laid out in its 2001 program and its activities today. This also indicates the same kind of sincerity.

AK Party, which has been in authority for 12 years, never became "the authority party". It even became the consistently opponent one in the authority. Perhaps that"s why it was always forward than the opponent and never left a room for the opponent because despite all the progressivist steps AK Party tried to take, it faced more authority structures who resisted to them. When it overcame all these authorities, deep powers, intrigues, obstacles continuing on its way, it also acted as the opposition, which the people needed in its real sense.

AK Party became the state, but it did not leave the old state to itself; it modified the state. Today in the country where AK Party leads, there is no mandatory or forcing state of 12 years ago. Today the state has turned into a Turkey under the service of its citizens and a global device.

Furthermore, even this transformation at the beginning of the journey and promises by AK Party to make its promises true is a transformation that further proves sincerity.

RABAA is witness

A state as such -- in other words, which is integrated with its people -- is an especially designed model for the Islamic world and the end of the intelligence regimes. That"s so clear. Because it is evident, similar to the revolution in Turkey that took effect on the 12th anniversary of its celebration, it was choked before it began to wake up in Rabaa.

On this day, almost 3000 unarmed protestors were brutally slaughtered. As for the world that showed indifference to the events experienced in Rabaa, it indicated the initial fragment of world history from now on. What we witness here will be unfolded in the building of the world history. Rabaa will tell about what she has witnessed and everyone will identify his or her line in accordance with her words.


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