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Success gauge for foreign policies

The recent incidents in Iraq, an organization named ISIL reaching activity levels enough to surround Iraq and de facto dragging Iraq to a situation with no return, are developments that prove Turkey"s current posture is right. Turkey"s name being mentioned alongside ISIL, was an Assadist tactic in order to bring whole of the opposition in a bag and brand them with the "jihadist – terrorist" title.

As we look at the volunteering and heated operators of this tactic in Turkey, we don"t feel the need to look elsewhere for a reason to the question "How come the murderer Assad can lead this massacre machine this long?"

The Syrian public is rioting against Assad"s oppression, thou, millions of this public are forced to run away from his wrath.

Turkey didn"t only open the doors for the Syrians who sought safety in Turkey as they ran for their lives, but also supported the National Council, which is the world known legitimate representative of the Syrian public, and the military representative of this council named "Free Syrian Army".

This is the structure that was created by the Syrian public, who already had a problem with Assad, as a natural defensive reflex. This is an extremely rightful and legitimate movement, to which also the world cannot keep quiet.

Assad and his extensions in our country are constantly showing Al-Qaida or ISIL photos to the world, in order to damage the legitimacy of the opposition side and to show that these are the only organizations they are fighting against. Of course, the world is getting confused. After all, no one is aware of anything….

Although, everyone is taking one of these photos related with the day"s agenda that serves their purpose. During this period everyone can see that, the ones, who seem worried about Assad and his massacres, actually either have completely different worries or none at all.

Meanwhile, the Syrian public is paying the prices as hundreds of them are being killed every day. Everyday tens of thousands are migrating to neighbor countries. Syrian soils are becoming inhumane in the manner of either dying or migrating.

Turkey was the only country, which wanted to prevent the deepening of this incident in Syria and shown great efforts in this manner. Also, the only country that had shown the greatest sensibility in the manner of preventing this incident from transforming to a religious conflict.

Though, sadly, the ones moving with religious reflexes, didn"t stray from seeing and showing Turkey"s humane attitude from the religious window.

Although, if the same was done towards Shias, Turkey was ready to show the same manner.

Moreover, yesterday the Prime Minister Erdogan was calling out and reprimanding this people. The ones who wanted to kill others because they are Shia.

Turkey had performed an approach, which sees the cost of religious policies in Iraq.

The Prime Minister Erdogan, during his Najaf visitation three years, has said this historical word that caused a great surprise in the Sunni(st) world : "I"m a Muslim before being a Sunni." He made this visitation on purpose in order to show his attitude towards the religious tension and said this words in respect to that.

Though, neither Iran nor Maliki administration could manage to perform the same sensibility shown by Turkey regarding the religionist topic.

Since the day he gained power, Maliki had followed a religionist politics. He carried out operations that were clearly excluding Sunnis and provoking them. He sentenced the leading politicians of the Sunni part, with terror claims in the courts under his control.

He took the never ending protests in Sunni cities lightly. He thought that he could oppress these protests with power and the help of Iran.

Although, those protests were the signs of a constantly growing grudge that was reaching the exploding point. ISIL"s efficiency to operate this swiftly is caused after meeting with this grudge instead of the organization"s own power.

After this point, there is no other way than trying to calm down this hinç that has already exploded and invite them to common sense, and create a new agreement platform that both sides can regard each other with respect.

In fact, this explosion was the new invoice of U.S. invasion policy, which had already gone bankrupt.

The layout that have been formed following the invasion, didn"t take the sociologic and historic equilibriums of this layout into account. While prioritizing the struggle with terror, U.S should see that their policies are creating beds that feed this terror. There wouldn"t be anything coming forth other than chaos and terror from an Iraq that was left under Maliki"s administration, because of the delusion that Iraq is against Baath, and never looked back at.

Maliki"s methods in clamping down on the problems weren"t so difficult. He didn"t have any other methods than carrying a new Shia based Baath regime in order to hold the country together.

In the same way, as Assad"s existence in power prolongs, it was obvious that all kinds of terror would dwell around him. As long as Assad exists, that region can"t help being a hot bed of terrorism.

This is obvious.

All these developments points out Turkey"s stance in a rightful line instead of their foreign policies going bankrupt.

Of course, Turkey is not the only indicator for the happenings in the region.

Fundamentally, there can"t be a single indicating actor on any development. But Turkey obtained an opinion about some countries and where their policies are routed towards.

Today, by reminding the things said and done about Middle East since the beginning, Turkey is the only country that can talk about the region with honor and the power of being right.

Against all these happenings, this must be the most important gauge of the foreign policy"s success.


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