The awakening of "anti-Semitism sensitivity" while Gazan kids are being slaughtered - YASIN AKTAY

The awakening of "anti-Semitism sensitivity" while Gazan kids are being slaughtered

We just entered the 29th day of Israel"s attack against Gaza. By the 29th day of these attacks, Israel, which has turned into an insane war machine, commits to shocking and speechlessly wild crimes in every hour and passing day. While it was shelling civil targets with bombardments under the claim that weapons, tunnels and military spots were beneath their ground, the death toll of children and civilians is increasing every passing day.

Every day, tens of children are losing their life in the most horrific way under the Israeli bombardments, the world"s view of such completely mind-lost Israel aggression as a "self-defense right" undoubtedly encourages Israel and proves the existence of the world"s partnership in such slaughters.

The civil receptors of the world, which are sensitive to terror and violence, are quite sensitive in distinguishing the actor of the violence and its target. The innocent civilians that Israel killed and injured in a month by far outnumbered what ISIS killed by cutting the heads off their bodies in a horrific way.

The killing style of Israel, let alone the Nazi style 70 years ago, is not below the high examples of the death pornography ISIS did and it even goes beyond that. The difference is that Israel does not have any pictures of beheading, but it obviously goes inside houses and shoots all the unarmed family members.

With every bomb shelling, the bodies of babies in cradles are torn into pieces and the community turns into a wreck with their collapsed houses. Even though these images are serviced to media, they do not create the same impact ISIS terrorists did with their picture of beheading.

While there is an abundant number of tedious, intellectual and academic research on ISIS and the link between Islam and Terrorism, if you just want to do research that would be equal to only one percent of the above literature on Judaism or racism, violence, terror and their connections with orientalism, you would get the tolls for "anti Semitism" starting to ring.

Ironically, the sensitivity of the Turkish left for anti Semitism rises every time Gaza and Palestine are under bombardment. Furthermore, the sensitivity, which these slaughters that are consecrated with the use of several Jewish terminologies could not activate, is activated only after a few people"s reaction to Israel when they connect them to Judaism. As you can imagine, such reactionary discourse is the most significant problem in our country and the whole world.

Of course, what Israel commits to cannot be generalized to Judaism. But, for God"s sake, be fair! Isn"t there one single percent of portion available for the murderous Israel which slaughters kids considering your connection that you set between Islam and terrorism with great desire and comfort?

We are not expecting hostility against Judaism from anyone. We won"t attempt to do so. We must be quite sensitive in distinguishing the criminal from the innocent, but for God"s sake again, what is the reason that you show such generous sensitivity for Jews when you are avoiding it for Muslims? This discrimination in treating the bodies distinctively has no basis other than racism. The mentality that intends to kill all Gaza for an Israeli captive is the same with the mind that tries to justify such insanity by cherry picking looking into thousands of gardens. Thus, we cannot attribute to this mind other than racism.

That those who raise all the world media for any tiny bit of violence in Turkey while being completely silent about the negligence of the actors of violence and their victims in Gaza is a clear indication of what a racist mangle the world is stuck in.

It"s not the west, but the Palestinian resistance that will stop Israel.

Therefore, there is no hope from the US or EU to stop this wild, genocidal slaughter of Israel. The attitude of these countries on this incident will also bring their claims for human rights, democracy, and civilization to question and invalidate them quickly. Just as how the attacks against Gaza by Israel before followed by the silence of the western and Arab world led to the Arab spring process, being active or passive for this incident will foreshadow whether a new world is going to be settled in the nearest future .

And who is going to stop Israel? The answer is : Israel"s own failure and Izzuddin Qassam brigades.

The goal of Israel, which attacked Gaza using some kind of pretext, was to dismantle the unity of Palestine, obliterate Hamas and decrease the sympathy for it and of course destroy all the defensive means of Hamas, which it developed within the framework of protecting the Palestinian people.

The attacks of Israel brought Palestinians together and under Hamas. Hamas" defense power did not collapse and Israel paid a big price because it could not interpret the resistance. Israel"s death toll has reached to 170, this is the biggest number of its loss that Israel has ever witnessed in its war background, and it cannot do anything. These losses are the only convincing arguments for Israel.

This is the repetition of its defeat in 2006. In these wars, what remains as heroism to Israel is murdering kids with huge weapons.


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