The execution of those who survived at Rabaa in Egypt

While the world’s attention is on Idlib on the one side and on Trump’s lawsuits and the wars he has declared against everyone on the other, the military coup court in Egypt silently sentenced 75 people to death.

Conducting a coup is the vilest crime in the world because it is one which includes all kinds of despicable offenses. It includes lying, betrayal, treason, theft, usurpation, murder, rape and all other offenses. A coup is an entity of crimes wherein all crimes are committed at once.

When a coup cannot be prevented, these crimes are continuously committed. Murder, lies, theft and distorting the facts continue. Even though Sisi deserves to be tried for all these crimes, he finds a way to try the ones whose basic living rights he violated.

The coup organized by Sisi in Egypt opened a new space for itself by spreading the lie that Morsi was becoming a dictator. Eventually, a defense minister appointed by Morsi was shown as a savior and his coup caused the death of thousands of people, leading to a dark period that was not experienced even in the darkest times in Egypt’s history. It also resulted in a coup regime that deems oppression proper for its own people. When it was not possible to disband the peaceful demonstrators by persuasion, fire was opened at the crowds and three thousand unarmed demonstrators were barbarically massacred. Those who were not massacred on the streets were arrested and held in prisons under grave conditions where they were tortured for years. In these prisons, a few people die every week under these conditions. Those who survive, on the other hand, get the death penalty in a single-session trial.

Recently, in a trial continuing in Egypt, 75 people were sentenced to death, including the close coworkers of Egypt’s first democratically-elected President Mohammed Morsi. Hundreds of others were sentenced to life in prison. Among those who were given the death penalty were Muhammad Biltaci, father of Esma Biltaci who was deliberately massacred and became a symbol of the Rabaa square, and two of the greatest scholars of Egypt, Imam Saffad Higazi and Tarik al Zumer. Among those who were given lifetime imprisonment, there is Mohammed Bedii who maintained his composure even after 3,000 of his brothers and sisters were brutally massacred in a bloody ambush by the coup plotters at Rabaa square.

They knew very well that if they were carrying a single pocket knife, the regime would use it to legitimize the violence. But beyond that, not resorting to armed resistance was a result of the responsibility they felt towards their own people. Armed resistance would lead to a civil war and chaos that no one would be able to stop. They knew this very well and even though it was hard to stand, even though they were being oppressed and even massacred, they chose to have patience.

If peace is one of the most important values of the world we are living in, these people should have been rewarded for sacrificing their own rights to prevent the escalation of violence in their country.

Yet, while the world did not see this graceful act, the military coup regime held them responsible for its own massacres. There is no doubt that the massacre of 3,000 demonstrators is a great crime that necessitates a trial. However, when not a single person asked questions about the context or aftermath of this massacre, not to mention conducting trials, the coup plotters got even more shameless and dared to try the Rabaa victims, those who could not run away, those who did not die, the survivors of a massacre, and they pin their own crimes on these people.

It is such a boldness that not even one person feels ashamed when it was found out that five of those sentenced to the death penalty died in prison due to torture and the dire conditions.

The coup in Egypt and the attitude of the world toward this coup is an example that reveals the hypocrisy of the world order we are living in with all its parameters.

How long will the Western world, who is giving lectures over and over again on why democracy has not developed in the Muslim world, be able to hide the fact that almost all of the blame, if there is any, is theirs?

In the meantime, while the military coup regime was sentencing 75 innocent protesters to death, the U.S. gave 1,2 billion dollars of aid to Sisi. Just like paying a subcontractor his fee!

Yet, democracy and human rights or the so-called “Western values” are being trampled here.

While the U.S. is stopping the sale of weapons to Turkey through congress decisions whenever there is a disagreement, it is paying Sisi even after all he has done to kill democracy… Isn’t this the killing of a blooming democracy in a Muslim country?


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