The fine for fooling the whole nation - YASIN AKTAY

The fine for fooling the whole nation

In the investigation, which was launched against the parallel structure within the police, some of the detained were arrested with the charge of espionage. This is just the first account of the previously exposed, explicit legal crime of wiretapping thousands of people. There are more successive crimes related to this that are waiting on the list. Tapping people"s telephones without any legal justification is simply a major crime. If you consider the object of tapings as the Prime Minister, the state headquarters and company executives, the extent of the charges would range from corruption, collusive tendering/bid rigging, attacking one"s private life, espionage, to treason etc.

Of course, as the sum of all these crimes, there is the establishment of a crime organization to overthrow the legal government. However, there is a major crime that must be incorporated into all of these: the crime of fooling the whole nation, which is the inevitable atrocity of all the coups.

At first glance, if you look into the files the coupists prepared as an excuse, you may simply think that their arguments, justifications are so stupid. You can ask yourself, for example, how can someone launch a coup with such reasons? With all these arguments, can a state reason be convinced?

Let us remember February 28, if you like. All the alleged threatening organizations turned out to be unreal and most of the analyses on the state threats became untrue and were found to be paranoiac delusions. This of course was giving the impression that coupists were acting so stupidly and simple, but the issue was more complicated. Were coupists really fools or did they put the citizens in the position of being fools? This was not clear at first sight.

When the matter was September 12, people were making decisions much more easily. If we go back a bit more in history, the trivial student cases like "babies, dogs minced through the machines", what can we say about the intelligence of the junta who believed and acted on account of this?

It seems that the reason for the December 17 coup was the case that had to do with the Salam-Tawheed, or Selam Tevhid, organization. Of course, the organization is an excuse. As the purpose is wiretapping people, they simply made the organization as the basis of their tapping. However, it is not that simple this time because they made the existence of the organization as the indictment of the case.

If you look at the insisting news in the parallel media, there is no trace of a red-handed psychology. In fact, they truly believe in the existence of an organization as such "Tawheed and Salam" and they narrate stories about how the government members submitted themselves to Iranian Intelligence through this organization and the operational contribution of Mutashas.

Do they really believe in this story? One cannot be sure. Hypothetically speaking, if they are under the influence of Iran, then why are the parallels trying to prevent the trucks from going to Syria and giving out a message that "the government is supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda." Now what about this sheer contradiction? Is Turkey under the influence of Iran or Saudi Arabia? Is it under the influence of Salafis or Shia? Is it so hard to accept that Turkey can act by its own decision and reason of state?

In the illegal personal files that were laid out in the Ergenekon case, I found the opportunity to access my own personal file related to the investigation on Selçuk University. In the same file written by the same hand, I was charged with being Shia, Salafi-Wahabi, pro-PKK, Hezbollah, Kurd nationalist, Arab nationalist, radical Islamist and Gülenist all at the same time. I found the person who prepared the file later on. He also knew very well what I was and that all such attributes were impossible to be brought together. Despite this, he simply labeled me with all these charges in order to create the most effective impact in the eyes of the junta, who were the addressee of the illegal personal files. When I read the file, I only wondered how the addressees of this report could admit this insult against themselves.

The Salam-Tawheed organization case is completely a trivial one. There is no way for a reasonable interpretation. If they believe in this frivolous case, it is even more serious. It means that they pretended to act towards us as reasonable people in the past. In my opinion, they must be judged for replacing the place of reasonable people. Of course, this judgment can be given by psychiatrists. Yet there is an innocent side of this insanity, while there is nothing innocent in this incident. The fact is that such arguments of reasoning are the indispensable components of coups. They all start by considering the people as fools and in turn, it converts their fabricators into fools.

As a result, the revenge of the fooled turns up very harsh. They fool the ones who fooled them. The inevitable result of those who treated the people as fools: to become fooled. And because coups require legitimacy, all these justifications were made up to legalize the coup and prove its credibility. Now their perpetrators are forced to believe these foolish justifications and this is God"s wise punishment for them.


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