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The illusion of innocence through the Turkish Olympics

With the December 17 process, the organization, that added to literature a new type of coup attack in the history of the Turkish Republic, has recently exerted one of its most harmful damages upon certain NGOs or their ideas. For many years, Turkey has been largely discussing the notion and the fact of the "non governmental", or civil society.

The notion of the "civil society", which had been suspected of counteractive activities against the state, made far-fetching progress in getting rid of this label. In these discussions, a strong civil society never meant a weaker state. Rather, one of the stressed themes was that the state must be stronger in favor of society.

The structure, known as the "community", tried to open a way of legitimacy for itself using these themes. In fact, it was tolerated as long as it knew its civil society limits. However, the community did not suffice to stay on the borders of civil society. It turned to dominate the political domain, even to push the limits of ethics and legitimacy with all its power in order to capture it.

When it happened like this, each of its activities on the civil domain integrated to the parapolitical body according to their own division of work logic. Taking shelter in the concept of civil society, it strived to exploit that field and directed to ruin the political field. This re-produced a new type of doubt in society, the compensation of which is quite difficult.

In this cooperative framework, the community that poked its nose into every field transformed the data of science as a shallow service machine that praises the community and its leader. The sociological data and philosophical depth, the sacredness of theology were used to show how peaceful, tolerant and gifted or even miraculous the community was at length.

While the community is ascribing mouthpiece clergy to AKP, their columnists must be called to account for occupying these science disciplines altogether for a very low price. In the modern world, apparently it is not only the theology scholars who are conducting the clergy position.

There is no doubt that cooperative movements in our age apply the propaganda technique in its most efficient way. Each unit is like a propaganda machine. In doubling the tweets suggesting that it was the advice of the prophet (!), the same willpower has completely turned a whole movement into a propaganda machine. This movement – until now which has been an epitome of civilness, service, collectivism – has devoted itself to all sorts of activities through its foundations and means to libel the government and Prime Minister.

The more the level of propaganda is felt, the less convincing the past activities are. Thus, the activities in the past that had more and less convincing characters are now counteracting in terms of their effect.

For the last decade, during these days of the year, the Turkish Olympics became an unprecedented show phenomenon. However, AKP municipalities this year cut their subscriber support in turn of their role in December 17. That"s why the Turkish Olympics could not be organized this year in Turkey. However, there is no preventive law. They could have done it with their own financial sources. They have considered teaching Turkish to foreign kids in 150 different countries as a success. However, they realize today that it has no value in the public opinion. They are also trying to turn the discourse of their inability in organizing the Olympics in Turkey into a sort of drama. Their coup attempt did not work out. And the way failed fellows of the community interpret whatever befalls them does not have to do with organizing a coup or their treason to the trust of others, but the service for which they give an impression of their self-sacrifice. Hence, they use the case of the Turkish Olympics question now more particularly.

Now they are trying to produce an illusion of innocence concerning the Turkish Olympic shows. I suppose even the best performance of high advanced audio and camera technologies used on shows would hardly achieve the same level of success in distorting the reality as a whole.

And yet the capacity of distorting the reality as a whole advanced to a level of achievement which is impossible in Turkey and is quite a significant situation in itself, too. The Olympic shows are no longer organized in Turkey, because there are no blindly believing people to address for them in Turkey other than their own adherents.

It is no longer exciting that the organization teaches Turkish to foreign people. It might have continued to be so, had there been no December 17. All what was said at that time could have been valid for now. However, there is a meaning, value and the content of the truth that determines the sincerity of a word.

The convincing aspect of the Prophets" words and even their genuity was shown in their character for not demanding any price. If there is any financial donation demand behind a golden word, it can only have a limited effect.

Even if you did the best service to the whole world, since you demanded the Turkish authority in the ugliest way, what is your activity worth anymore?

For how long can you fabricate such a value that is lost within the Olympic illusions?


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