The true dramas overlooked while creating sloppy dramas from armed UAVs

When the topic of fighting terrorism is in question, Europe and America forget their whole stance on human rights, democracy and freedom of expression. They fight terrorism in the way they need to, in the way that is most effective. They are quickly able to declare "state of emergency" in the face of the slightest terror attack.

Since the U.S.'s laws are not suitable enough within its own borders, they are able to form concentration camps like practice such as Guantanamo – where laws do not apply – to deprive the people they capture from their freedom without any reason or question, under the severest humanitarian conditions. As if that's not enough, they are able to conduct torturous interrogations with interrogation aircraft in international airspaces.

Despite all these practices, they are hardly ever properly criticized by their media. Because these practices have an indisputable excuse like "fighting against terrorism." Because, terrorism, in the strict sense, is a crime against humanity.

As for Turkey, it put up its own fight against terrorism, for years, within democratic boundaries – just as Europe and the U.S. had expected from Turkey. The dimensions of the democracy standards encouraged that were increasingly serving terrorism are now seen more clearly. In reality, of course democracy does not need to support or serve terrorism and, the standards of democracy should never be given up simply because terrorists are exploiting democratic rights and freedoms. However, there is one treatment that terrorism deserves and it is quite possible to deal with it within the boundaries of democracy.

To cut a long story short, we can say that for years, Turkey thought it was fighting terrorism. Yet, all we did – due to many reasons – was nothing other than beating the air.

Surely one reason negating this fight was the betrayal within security forces. The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), controlled remotely, took action to the extent their masters allowed and, as a result of this, managed very well to appear to fight "heroically" against terrorism, and hence they were able to fool the public.

Another reason was our defense industry being externally dependent more than necessary. The Herons we purchased from Israel at excessively high prices did not work properly – they were faulty 11 months of the year. Even when they worked, it was unknown whether the data obtained first went to Israel, a terrorist organization or to other centers chosen by the traitors on the inside. The crisis we experienced with Israel with the Mavi Marmara process gave us an opportunity to develop our own domestic industry in this regard. Today, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and armed UAVs are the products of our domestic industry and there is no concern regarding the loyalty toward their state and nation of the operators controlling them. The result is an astonishing “performance in the fight against terrorism.”

As a result, our security forces are demonstrating a performance that cannot be compared to the past and therefore today, the terrorist organization is unable to make a move. The terrorist organization that perceived the reconciliation process as the state’s weakness and became ambitious to infiltrate top positions is now dumbfounded.

The state of the terrorist organization is clear, but the haste of its masters is what is really worth seeing. They are demonstrating the haste of being deprived of the most important trump they have been using against Turkey for years. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization gets hit, but their screams are heard from Germany, through the BBC. They suddenly ignore what Turkey is doing it to fight the humanitarian trouble called terrorism and focus on the possibility of those killed being civilians and try to create 1,001 dramas from there. While effort is made to draw our attention to these chaotic dramas with Sezgin Tanrıkulu, who has rolled up his sleeves to advocate this matter in Turkey, the true dramas caused by the PKK terrorist organization continue to take place.

Just as these debates were ongoing, last week, the terrorists who came knocking on the door of 65-year-old M. Salih Aslan, the former headman of the Kemerli village, one of the central villages in Siirt province, took him 50 meters from his home and executed him in front of his son. The only reason behind Aslan becoming a PKK target was that he insisted on remaining a Justice and Development (AK) Party supporter and refusing to vote for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). He was warned on several occasions.

The PKK, which hence tries to monopolize regional politics in this way, was trying to intimidate the few number of people that show the courage to resist against it. When they killed Mustafa Turhan, the headman of Bağgöze village in the same region, one month ahead of the Jun. 7 elections, they created grave fear in the region.

Turhan’s sole fault was to be an AK Party supporter and refuse to announce that he had switched to the HDP’s lines despite all the warnings by the PKK. Unfortunately, after he was killed, the HDP’s votes in his own village, which is under the police station, had risen to over 90 percent.

The HDP’s election campaign was run by the PKK and this is how they were facilitating it.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu asked rightfully and in an extremely striking manner: Were we going to obtain the documents proving that the terrorists neutralized by the armed UAVs were really terrorists from Qandil? The tragedies they have caused, M. Salih Aslan’s funeral, Mustafa’s martyrdom, the martyrdom of the many of soldiers that have fallen to the ground during this period are more than enough as the documentation of this terrorism.

The humanity of those who seek other evidence is at a great loss, they should go and find that first instead of putting themselves into more tragicomic situation by presenting other chaotic dramas.

CONDOLENCES: I ask God’s mercy be upon former Kemerli village headman M. Salih Aslan, a dear brother of the AK Party Siirt branch, and the uncle of our provincial council member Sadık Adıgüzel, who was martyred last week by the lowly terrorists. I extend my condolences to his son Ahmet Aslan, who has never lost his steadfastness in the face of his father’s martyrdom and his determination in the face of terrorism, and his grieving family and wish them patience.