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The world that murdered Khashoggi

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s savage murder. The door he passed through together with his fiancé Hatice Cengiz to build a new life ended up being his passage from this life to the eternal one. His life was ended behind that door in just 10 minutes by an arrogant will deluded into the false notion of power like Nimrod and Pharaoh, thinking he could kill and let live whom he wishes.

Two years after the massacre, there are no questions regarding the event that are left unanswered or cannot be answered; why the murder was committed, what happened behind that door, who came to Turkey and for what purpose, and that the event was decided and planned with all details and implemented. All this has been sufficiently enlightened with the available data.

However, all the data need to be settled by a just court, and in order for this to happen, the culprits need to be tried in a just court. Yet all of the perpetrators are presently in Saudi Arabia, in other words, where the usual suspects who instigated the murder have control over the court.

These courts, under the control of the usual suspects of the crime, say they will hold the trial themselves to save the criminals from Turkish judgement. Nobody has any doubt that the decision handed by the Saudi court is far from serving justice regarding the Khashoggi murder. The court was set up not to serve justice but to acquit the usual suspects. The indictment was prepared almost entirely in the defense and the whole process was set up to whitewash the responsibilities of the usual suspects with respect to the incident.

As a matter of fact, there was no doubt from the very beginning that this is how it would pan out. Hence, we had been saying since the start that Saudi courts are incapable of delivering a just decision concerning the Khashoggi murder.

Since the event took place within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, the right and responsibility to judge regarding this matter belongs to Turkey. The Turkish judiciary has no prejudices against anybody. Even the lawyers that Saudi Arabia neglected to hire for the suspects and culprits in the case that started to be tried in early July were hired by Turkish justice as per the Criminal Procedures Law (CMUK).

In the case, which is being handled in the most transparent manner, an additional indictment including the six people was prepared last week. Some of those who were included were part of the team that arrived a few days after the murder and cleaned all the evidence in the crime scene using chemicals. This is a very important detail, because as much as it is far from convincing, one of the claims made by Saudi authorities was that Saudi authorities had no knowledge of the murder committed. The available data show that this claim is not acceptable, but if it was to be accepted even for a moment, how can we possibly believe that the cleaning team, which came a few days after the murder and clearly did nothing other than spoil all the evidence related to the murder in front of the world’s eyes, worked outside the knowledge of Saudi authorities?

Yet, all the operations conducted by this cleaning team are included in the murder, and this will lead to the right result. Thus, the additional indictment prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office is on the mark.

Meanwhile, it should be pointed out that the Khashoggi murder has been a test for the whole world, and has also clearly revealed the world order’s report card for humanity. The last two years have shown how different segments of the world approach this incident and with what motives.

Before anything, the Khashoggi murder is not an event that resulted solely in Khashoggi’s murder. It is a murder that exposed the situation of hundreds of thousands of people who have been unjustly, tyrannously, and ruthlessly slaughtered, silenced, taken hostage, and tortured every day. It reveals the opportunist-pragmatic attitude of the so-called modern-civil-democratic world, which has remained silent concerning the Khashoggi murder, and how it encourages such murders and crimes against humanity – which have become a routine process of Middle Eastern regimes.

Each one of the 3,000 unarmed and innocent civilians murdered in one day at the Rabaa Square in Egypt, where Mohamed Morsi was dragged to death in the court hall before the eyes of the world, were a Khashoggi. How can we be surprised by the silence displayed towards the Khashoggi murder by the world, which remained silent for the sake of their cheap interests?

Khashoggi is not the first person in Saudi Arabia to fall victim to such a murder for his attitude and opinions. According to some attempts and cases we learned about later, he was also not the last person. Such murders have become routine for an order, and these routines have not even been subject to proper scrutiny in the world until now.

The perpetrators of the same murder are presenting themselves to the world as representative of moderate Islam, while presenting their own unarmed, helpless, and oppressed opposition groups as extremists, and the representatives of political and, in fact, terrorist Islam. Moreover, this presentation has serious believers in the so-called civilized world. The buyers of this hypocritical propaganda are, without question, accomplices in the Khashoggi murder in all its savageness, horridness, and despicableness.

The Western world, encouraged and supported by Khashoggi’s murder suspects, refuses to identify the coups staged in the Middle East against democracy as coups, and takes advantage of the tragedies in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Libya. Thus, it is acting as an accomplice in not one but hundreds of thousands of Khashoggi murders.

This is why justice for Khashoggi requires this world order to stand trial.


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