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The world"s test on Syria

Today, the Assad regime does not hold any legitimate conditions that a state must have. If we define the state as the power which has the monopoly of applying legal power, Syria is in a position where everyone can get armed easily and use violence. The Assad regime has become only one of these power groups. Considering that the legitimacy of a state is the contentment of its own subject, half of the Syrian population had to flee from Assad"s oppression. The most important function of the state is to protect its subject"s life, chastity, mental health, and properties whereas in Syria the greatest threat against the Syrian people"s lives, their chastity, mental health, and properties is Assad himself.

His brutal and barbaric attitude towards his own people has no limits. The death toll in the war which has lasted for 3 years and which he engaged against his own people has extended 200.000 people.

The number of Syrian refugees who had to flee to Turkey indicates nearly 1 million. There are 2.5 millions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. In addition to this number, if we add the rest the total sum is 4 million which had to go abroad because of the war.

The first thing refugees bring abroad from their homeland is the legitimacy of their state. Considering this bulky number of refugees in terms of Syrian population which is already 22 million,, the situation clearly proves that there is no longer any legitimate administration in the country. Despite this bulky number, assessing the issue as simply a matter of equally conflicting groups means nothing other than unconscientiously promoting the oppression.

The world welcomed these migrations with sensitivity, each of which was a tragedy. However, the more the number increased, the longer the time lasted; it considered it to be normal. Events when evaluated one by one may lead to an unsettled conscience by all means, yet when they are represented in big numbers does not address any human emotion.

Of course this is to do with the existence of a psychological dimension of sensitivity. Unfortunately, the issue is to do with negligence and treason in the divine test, the world"s hypocrisy with its glance to the question of Syria.

The world is giving a great test in this process and this test shows everyone"s quality calibration. Unfortunately, the world does not care about the Syrians who are being barbarically killed today. The sensitivity shown for the issue is way behind the sensitivity for the Gezi protests. It is hard to say that the tragedy of Syrian guests, about 1 million people, has taken its deserving media attention.

For the last 3 days, AK Party Foreign Relations presidency, had organized the workshop titled "the world''s test on Syria" in Sanliurfa. The messages we have received during the workshop clearly show what kind of a Gezi pathology of some people. The messages of some mad people like "Come to the Turkey"s topic, come to Gezi" astound a normal human being as to what level someone can lower himself.

Those who attempt to set fire on Istanbul and all its trees for one tree give no attention to our invitation regarding the drama of the people in Syria who are dying, killed, and flee to Turkey desperately. Let"s say do what you want. However, what about their despotism to force their deviant topic to whole Turkey and the world? Don"t mind them when they accuse the PM of dictatorship as this accusatory language reflects their own guilty spirit and inhuman despotism.

Their actual role model in their spirit is Assad and Sisi and that explains their unconformity and anger against Erdogan.

Their fetishistic interest in Gezi does not convey any bit of democratic progress or liberating message to the Turkish people or the world.

However, Turkey is the only country which under the leadership of Erdogan, successfully came through the test of Syria. Turkey does not even call Syrians refugees who are living in the cities of containers but guests and hosts them in the best conditions and saves the honor of the world when it has hit bottom in the sense of humanity.

After the end of the workshop, we made a visit to Harran where it is worth seeing the affection and enthusiasm of the Syrian refugees for the PM Erdogan and Turkey, who are living in the container-city.

Both the quality of the camps and the appreciation of the settlers in there simply proves how the humanity which hit bottom can raise to its peak level.

One sees the lowest points of humanity and its highest level only in such times.

Just at that very moment, I thought about how these camps that are saving the honor of the world were brought up due to a prostitution report. What an unfair accusation! It is quite normal that such things happen where 1 million people live. In a city where people are not refugees, such infringements, crimes and events occur, too.

What is the point of such kind of a report other than purifying the blackened conscience of those who want to overshadow the perfect medium Turkey provided for Syrian guests?


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